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RFI on a White in Color Concealable Plate Carrier and Lightweight Level III+ Plates.

I currently work as a Contracted Armed Security Professional for the U.S. Govt. 
I am issued a concealable Level IIIA vest that is white in color. The carrier has to be white in order to be worn on duty. 

Due to the cultural climate and general attitude towards uniformed persons carrying a gun and wearing a badge I have decided I would like to up armor myself with  Level III +/Special Threat plates.

My issued armor carrier cannot accommodate hard plates of any decent size, (it has the heart 6x8" plate pocket in the front and thats it)

After using my Google-Fu and contacting several custom tactical gear makers, and big name companies  like Blue Force Gear I haven't come up with anyone offering a concealable hard rifle plate carrrier that is available in white in color.

So in short I need a concealable hard armor carrier that can accomadate either a 10x12"  plate size or medium SAPI plate front and back .

If anyone has any leads or suggestions for me on carrier options, or recommendations on level III + plates that are NOT steel, weigh less than 4 lbs each and are under 1" thick I would appreciate it. 
I am currently leaning towards the DFNDR Armor offerings. 

Velocitas, Opprimere, 
Violentia Operandi

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