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Thank you very much for sharing your experiences with Short Dot scopes. Useful info is hard to come by.

I have used 1.1-4 CQB for years without issues, but as you said it is not at it's best in 4x. Mil hash lines are just too thick.

Now I'm considering 1.5-8x26 for SPR type rifle and would highly appreciate if you could provide even more intel about that model.

I presume you have P3 reticle? Any change of reticle pics at 1.5x and 8x?

Is the illumination dial spring loaded locking type like on 1.1-4 CQB and does if have off positions between on positions?



I'm really enjoying the 1.5-8x26mm.  The illumination does not have the spring loaded locking; the illumination and wind/elevation are just like you would find on the older single turn 3-12x or 4-16x PMII S&B's...which I like (keeps things simple).   For these, there's sort of a middle "off" setting betwen number settings, but it's not much of one like with the locking short dot.  With these types, I store the optic on "off".

Mine has the P3 mildot reticle.  I like having the solid duplex posts as a reference points.  And while the P3 is a little dated for say a precision bolt gun, I do just fine with it on my SPR's.  I used to have images of the CQB reticle in this model, but the owner deleted them from the host site unfortunately.  They were what one would expect, but not totally cumbersome at 8x.  I still like the P3 better though.  

I'm looking to get a complete catalog of ALL the Short dots I have currently at min/max magnification both with and without the flash dot.  






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