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The Bro Gun

Something that came to mind from my experiences during Harvey. Quite a few people ended up evacuating, some to places like ours that also got hit but not as bad. 


Typical commentary going something like "hey bro my roof caved in, all i got is whats in my truck, can i sleep here?"  The smarter ones tended to have said evacuees added to the local security once looting started. 

All the looters we saw tended to be the same hood rat types we normally handle just with better shopping opportunities during disaster situations.  Most, confronted by a visibly alert and armed guard, moved on. Others got shot at and ran for it.  None of our antilooter shootings expended more than about 5 rounds.

Some of the people who had to relocate were our own LE guys, and some just had what was on them,  ie a pistol or not even that.   So some of our guys started discussing "bro guns", ie what in their personal collections would be useful to arm spare people. 


While obviously a tricked out AR would be nice, realistically most don't have a safe full of ARs they're willing to just pass out, even to family.  Spare shotguns (bird length or otherwise) , leverguns, etc with a box or two of good ammo are common enough and decent quality if you have one laying around. A weaponlight attached would be optimal. 


Even a 10/22 in capable hands can severely disrupt a looters night if its what you have handy.

In my case, i have enough WW2 bolt actions for a small fireteam. Obviously not the newest thing in fighting guns and ammo isnt cheap anymore, but certainly capable.  

Something worth thinking about in your safes... finding a supercheap 6720 or so-so Armalite may be worth a minor investment for a rainy day.

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