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Reply to "The Bro Gun"

stray round posted:
Brock01 posted:

Then my wife said something. "Why would we arm people that didn't prepare for themselves?" I was stumped. I guess kind of like if a kid can identify your password, you need a new password. My wife is NOT very tactically minded, and even she was able to identify this. 

I understand her logic.

But then there are things like heavy lifting,  maintaining perimeter, OP, cooking, water, or they just have skills you don't such as medical, electrical, etc..

If all you got is you it doesn't take much to stretch you too thin.

And then somebody always has to walk point...


I can agree with you here. In the case where someone has something to legitimately offer me (skill or physical item), than that is fine. Someone just shows up because they know I have guns? They can place their lips upon my pasty white arse.

 I suppose what has to be established, is are you trying to set up an entire compound? Or just be the  grey-man and try not to "exist". 

Good points all around.

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