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Reply to "The Bro Gun"

Very interesting topic.

First of all Fuck you Murphy.

Secondly, as Bob said, I have a pretty strict definition of "friend."

But for those who have been to my house, you know the real problem.  I am on my fucking own.  There is no one in my AO....and I mean NO ONE.   In a perfect scenario, the whole CT Beer Social crew would be around but unlike another site, that is delusional thinking.  Everyone has to take care of their own.  Hell, I'm 45 miles from my family down state.   It just me, Stalin, P1, a Chihuahua and four cats.  Not exactly SEAL Team 6.

Being near the Hartford line,  this summer has seen a massive increase in burglaries, robberies and car thefts. The visitors know that it's a target rich environment and that all they have to do is hit and run back to Hartford where no one will chase them.  They have now come in daylight...on weekends....with people home but inside as they steal their cars or take things from the garage.  

There has luckily not been a confrontation which is a good thing and why I could have a limitless supply of "bro guns" and no one to give them to.  This place is so anti gun that on the local Facebook town page that my wife frequents, everyone complains about the incredible rise in crime yet when ONE guy suggested getting a gun, the place went so crazy, they kicked him off.  The overwhelming sentiment was I'd rather lose all of my shit than have a gun in the house.  And the people from Hartford know that too.  It's easy pickings plus with our new definition of "minor" going to 20 years of age and the closing of all juvenile holding facilities by our fearless leader, Gov. Malloy, the kids know there is no risk.  They could get caught a thousand times and not have a criminal record until they would commit a crime at age 21.  So lots of rich people....with lots of rich shit.....with open hatred of defending themselves because "society has made them this way"....with little chance of getting caught....and no punishment if you did.  Holy fuck, I'm surprised we haven't been overrun by now.

My house alone has four first floor entry ways.  My only feasible strategy if caught there is defend from the second floor and make it so bloody that people run the fuck away.  But all they need is one dude with a gas can and a lighter and things can get sporty quickly.  Poor mans siege weapon but brutally effective.  Johnny no like fire.  Fire burn.  Fire make Johnny sad.

I do have a plan that would probably work very well and only requires me to travel less than a mile.  But should that not workout and someday the balloon goes up and you guys are watching my local news coverage of Day 5 of The Hartford Riots and one of you that's been to my house sees a cadaver dog sniffing around the burning embers of my home...AVENGE ME!!!  AVENGE ME!!!

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