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I'm not a gun guy and don't own any myself because guns are scary. That being said, I heard about a guy who keeps enough spare AR's on hand to arm a squad of folks to form the local neighborhood watch. That guy lives in an area with lots of previous military guys who would be familiar with AR's but who also have very good life skills (Dr's, Engineers, etc). I er, I mean 

I er, I mean he also has a bunch of Glock 19's and support gear for this same purpose. The short guns can go to others who are only familiar with pistols but can also serve as a secondary for others. 

I do have brothers, as well as many former SOF coworkers who are local that I would have no problem opening the safe for. Those dudes can put in work if needed and they might have been at work, or somewhere that would leave them unarmed before they show up on my doorstep. 

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