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MrMurphy posted:

Lowspeed, your lane is so far to the right, it's not even on the same fucking highway. 

Stop pimping your organization in every thread. 

Stop buying cheap pieces of shit then retroactively trying to justify it here. 


Save your college boy pennies, go to a professional training course or three, THEN we may talk. 


Until then, as always on LF read more, post less. 

Lurking more is always a good thing. I figure I am just do damn bored at work and have been shitposting a bit.

I never bought a bersa, I just wanted to see what someone saw from it who actually used it.

And I have taken some training and plan on taking more.

I in the next year or two will take MAG-40, get out to Ohio and take one of Varg Freeborn's classes and in 2019 take ECQC with shivworks.  I plan on being a student of civilian self defense and want to keep a focus on that. 

Sorry for talking about Student's for Concealed carry.  IDK being someone who doesn't live in the industry/tactical/LE/Military world and having been in more liberal places I feel alot more urgency in the political side of things.  I figure it must be different and somewhat annoying for alot of you guys here.

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