Reply to "The future of Arc'teryx LEAF"

now this wouldnt directly be say combat uniform related, but something a touch different,but military or police related.

what about a PT gear program? Here in canada each unit gets its own Regimental PT kit. normally, its standard cotton hoody, sweatpants, cotton shirt, and crappy chinese made UA style shirts and shorts.

id like to see us running around in arcteryx running jackets, softshells, shorts, t shirts, etc. i have a couple of arc coolmax shirts and a pair of running shorts, they would be awesome with our Unit Crest on it.

then i could get some decent PT kit.

just a thought.

EDIT: my girlfriend, and armored recce soldier, wants an expanded womens line. She owns lots of the civ line, but there isnt much for her in the leaf lineup.

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