Reply to "The I Blame Stephen For my Painted Rifle Thread"

Originally posted by Pat _Rogers:
Good suggestion.
When are you going to paint it, photograph it and post it here?

Since I wasn't going to use it where it needed to be camoed, I had never planned on painting my rifle.

However, since you've invited me to give it a try it looks like I'll be painting it up.

As far as when, first I have to figure out what terrain I'm going to camo for. Then I need to find some paint. I'm thinking that the color is what's relevant to the environment and the pattern can be mostly the same regardless.

I've blown through most of my spending money this month so unless I can get some paint cheap I won't have it done until some time next month. Although I might have a buddy with some paint to spare.

I also need to re-read your painting thread.


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