Titanium helmets better than aramid ones?

What do you think about Titanium helmets? It seems these guys are promoting them as the best ever protection.


Unconditional safety mandates helmets for ballistic protection. Without exception, the only state-of-the-art helmets today are Titanium or Hybrid Titanium helmets.

Like no other helmet materials in present use, these special Titanium high-tech helmets have been developed over many years to offer outstanding properties of combined strength and resilience. The unique combination of these different characteristics offers maximum stability of the entire helmet dome together with the extremely high capacity for absorbing the kinetic energy of projectiles.

These properties allow ULBRICHTS Titanium helmets to stop projectiles impacting anywhere on the helmet, whilst also protecting the head from dramatic indentations with potentially lethal traumatic effects.

Alternative Aramide/Kevlar “ballistic” helmets, on the other hand, fall far short of the strength and toughness of Titanium helmets and therefore cannot nearly protect against bullets as effectively. Such helmets are generally capable of stopping projectiles only over limited areas of the surface at distances of 40 – 60 mm from the edge of the helmet and will, even should the projectile be stopped, receive such dramatic indentations that the wearer may still succumb to lethal injuries.

Aramide helmets are strictly not manufactured to withstand the impact of bullets. Aramide ballistic helmets for the military are actually helmets protecting from “fragments” to protect primarily from explosions and fragments, formerly the main threat during military, but not police, deployment. Protection against bullets, however, demands strictly different properties of materials and helmet design.

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