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I had posted right behind you, but deleted mine. 

The attached engineers is a real issue, in my opinion.  Will habitual attachments in training extend all the way to a MEU rotation?  

Is the Carl G M3A1 as durable as the Mk 153?  Is it also that easy to train?  Because if so, it definitely briefs as the more capable weapon.

Lobsterclaw, I appreciate your insights, but the value of dedicated MGers is real.  The Army doesn't have that, and it shows in the lack of in-depth knowledge in using MGs outside of relatively short-ranged gun truck free-swinging engagements.  Lose that MOS, and you will likely lose a significant body of knowledge.  

I agree, the 0352s in Javelin Gunner roles seems to be the MOS that could be more easily traded out, but your TOW gunners could not.  

All-in-all, a tough decision, but the engineer lash-up will be the critical point moving forward.


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