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I was an 0352, my son is a combat enginerd (currently deployed).

There seems to be a little bit of love loss between the 0351s and the attached engineers. Apparently, competition for who does the breaching job better and how both should be utilized.

He said that during training with the grunt unit he was deploying with, nobody knew how to use the engineers, and they were one squad attached to a company (I think). Hell, it might have been one squad attached to all of 2/7.  

Once they deployed, they were snapped up from the battalion within a few hours of landing, and didn't see them again for almost 2 months. Once their mission was done (the engineers), they were put back near the unit they were "attached" to. But he said they have really no contact with them and do no training with them. They are now bitches who go repair and build shit all day, even though they are supposed to be attached to a grunt unit (what he wanted to do). They were supposed to be doing route clearing, breaching, demo type stuff. 

Based on my understanding of how things are going, I don't see the transition from having your own demo/ breaching assets organic to you, to having to rely on an outside source (a section or squad coming from an engineer battalion) as going over very smoothly. 

CAAT teams are a good idea, and I think work well together (31's and 52's).  TOWs and Javelines do great work against point targets from far away. I think the SMAW or new Gustav could be passed over to either and work well. But the breaching and demo assets that 51's take knowledge and skill that most knuckle dragging machine-gunners don't have. The SMAW is just one tool in their tool box. I don't think it's going to be that easy to pass off their job.


PS - the Dragon was an 0351 thing, not a 0352 thing. At least 27+ years ago. 


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