Waffle stippling pattern/tips

So I did not see any recent posts on stippling in the past year or so, decided to put a new thread up in here- not quite studly but handy as heck nonetheless.  

Mods- if this is not cool to post let me know-

I've done some stippling the old school way with a fine point wood burner tip, making tiny holes and taking hours to stipple a gun, then one of my buddies (owner of PRP) showed me how to make a 'waffle tip' with a checker file.  Basically puts a bunch of little holes in at once.  Well, I love it. Stippled all my Glocks in no time.   I realized not everybody wants to spend 40 bucks on a checker file, then 15-20 minutes to make a custom tip... So, capitalist as I am, I figured there would be more guys thinking the way I was, and started producing them.  

For those who have stippled - you can see how this works, and how putting 1/4" of texture on a gun at a time can really speed up the process. Fine texture, or really heavy duty texture, either tip can be applied with the OTD Waffle Tip.

I run a deep 'combat grip' texture on most all my guns.  My carry G26 has light texture on the body side, up about .25" over the top and bottom, with the combat texture on the other half.  

When I first put the combat grip on and went to a Gunsite course right after, I did discover that there was some spots where my hands needed to get toughened up a bit. If a spot is particularly rough, you can take a pocket knife or some sandpaper of them and ease it up.  Big advantage of doing a heavy waffle pattern is that as it wears down (over a lot of use), the fine texture is underneath the heavy texture.

For those who haven't stippled - I am not going to try to convince you to start just to sell my product.  Google it, youtube it, figure out if it's something you want for yourself.  There are how-to videos all over youtube, and big boy rules apply since we are all responsible gun owners. If you don't feel confident in taking a 900* device to your plastic gun, it ain't for you.  That said it is not rocket science.

if your interested in the waffle tip:  here it is.


 OTD Waffle

 Comments, questions, concerns, bitches, complaints, feel free! 

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