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Which plate carrier for me??

Hey man I need a plate carrier and I need some recommendations.

My budget is around 300 but I could go up if the upgrade is worth it.

I shoot real steal and also play Airsoft

When playing Airsoft I do milsim events as well as regular skirmishes. Milsim events are at least a day long.

I need something comfortable enough to Wear for day(s) but also slim enough to play in only 30-40 minute games as well.

I need MOLLE on the admin area for tactical universal clip.

Modularity would also be very nice like swift clips but it is not 100% needed..


Some PC I have in mind are :

Mayflower apc

Velocity scarab Le front LT back

First spear strandhogg (bit expensive only thing I love about it is the tubes system)

Crye jpc 2.0

Lbt 6094 (wait for sale)


Also the plate carrier I buy must be able to accept the first spear tubes system as that is going to be my cummerbund of choice in the future after I saved up enough money for it. 


Thank you to you all I appreciate it!!!!


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