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Reply to "Which plate carrier for me??"

Feardo37 posted:

Hey man I need a plate carrier and I need some recommendations.

My budget is around 300 but I could go up if the upgrade is worth it.

I shoot real steal and also play Airsoft

When playing Airsoft I do milsim events as well as regular skirmishes. Milsim events are at least a day long.

I need something comfortable enough to Wear for day(s) but also slim enough to play in only 30-40 minute games as well.

I need MOLLE on the admin area for tactical universal clip.

Modularity would also be very nice like swift clips but it is not 100% needed..


Some PC I have in mind are :

Mayflower apc

Velocity scarab Le front LT back

First spear strandhogg (bit expensive only thing I love about it is the tubes system)

Crye jpc 2.0

Lbt 6094 (wait for sale)


Also the plate carrier I buy must be able to accept the first spear tubes system as that is going to be my cummerbund of choice in the future after I saved up enough money for it. 


Thank you to you all I appreciate it!!!!


Thanks for being up front about what your intended use is.

If you’re not planning on running with actual armor (hard plates and/or Kevlar backers) then any of your choices will be plenty comfortable for your needs.

Be aware that PC’s without armor lack some rigidity and support, you’ll find out quickly how unbalanced the weight distribution is.

If you’re dead set on the FS tubes, check out the SKD/First Spear STT collaboration for a PC.

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