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Reply to "Which plate carrier for me??"

The topic of air soft has been covered by others so I will not dwell on it.

You will find that what you are doing with your games is not 180 degrees different from what we do for real; from a gear comfort and utilization standpoint. The recommendations on LF for PC and related equipment will reflect a balance of value, comfort, design execution, usability, modularity, and task suitability, but maybe not in that order.

There are numerous reviews of each of PCs you mentioned tucked away around the this site. I suggest using the search key in "Helmet and Body Armor" section, The "Stud Board" section followed by a perusal of the class AARs in the training section.

That said, each of the models you mentioned are excellent choices with different strengths. I would be comfortable being issued or buying out of my own pocket any one of them.  As it happens, I have owned most of these at one time or another.

The First Spear and Scarab are the most comfortable.
The APC and the 6094 represent a solid middle ground, and somewhat similar approaches to a problem.
The Cyre JPC in either version represents a minimalist design that is probably the best value out there. I have one sitting in my callout trunk as I type, as well as an APC.

You might also consider the Eagle PC. It is old school but solid.

For cheating plastic death, these are likely over kill for you. 

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