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Reply to "Which plate carrier for me??"

If you're 100% dead set on the tubes, just buy an STT or Strandhogg.  With the cost of the retrofit cummerbund added to the base cost of a normal carrier you might as well have just bought the Strandhogg to begin with.

The LBT and Mayflower rigs are pretty similar, with a few pros and cons to each.

Mayflower APC

PROS: slightly lighter iirc, slightly slimmer shoulder pads, integrated admin pouch, spacer mesh when ordering from optactical, rear plate bag is SAPI cut, takes swift clips if that matters to you

CONS: no drag handle, inferior organization (fewer ways to route hoses, cables, wires, antennae, mount PTTs), inferior cummerbund (needs additional attachment to take side plates)

LBT 6094

PROS: drag handle, better padding, better built-in organization, better cummerbund (good side plate accomodation, integrated radio pouch, padding and mesh)

CONS: cbund can shift without modification (no velcro through rear channel), rear plate bag full cut, no integrated admin (recent models have GRG accomodation), overall a little bit less svelte, no ventilation from factory

I like the 6094 but it's hard to go wrong either way.  Even if you go armored you don't need side plates for medic rules, so the plate pockets aren't a big deal unless you want em for real life.

Haven't met anyone who bought the scarab that didn't eventually move back to the 6094, APC, or JPC.  Take that for what it's worth.  Not a fan of swiftclips for most applications unless you're actually changing calibers all the time or need to be able to quickly dump armor.  IMO front flap set up for 5.56 is the way to go.

I don't see a reason to use the TUC over a one or two-point sling.

Strandhogg has good padding and ventilation, perhaps an overkill amount of padding for airsoft use.  I've talked to a few guys who went from the Strandhogg to lighter carriers like the JPC to reduce bulk which for them led to more comfort (this was with weighted training plates), so that's something to consider.  IMO you don't really need tubes for airsoft.

Post-price drop the 2.0 is the way to go unless you find a 1.0 used for a good price.  Out of the options you listed I'd opt for a 6094 or a 2.0 depending on application, budget, load, and personal preference.  AWS also makes a 6094 that's only 150 but have fun with their website and customer service.

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