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Comments from some assclown by the name of "3boxesofbs" from the website:


Okay 0– It’s nylon — so what? Is it holding the firearm securely?

It’s hard to see? So is a IWB under a shirt, an OWB rig at a person’s side — any particular reason to believe that a carrier has to keep an eye on his firearm at all times?

Easy to steal? — really ? Someone is going to risk trying to kip off with a loaded firearm from someone openly carrying it when they can simply break into 3 houses and have a better chance of getting one and getting away without being caught?

Muzzling every — well, yeah. A firearm in a holster, secured with a retention strap is really a danger. All the detectives that carry in a horizontal shoulder holster — let’s not get carried away with the 4 rules; otherwise people could seldom carry at all.

I don’t get this type of post. We want more people to carry, to take responsibility for their safety but ridicule anyone who doesn’t carry exactly the way we would like them to.

Does the holster do what it is designed to do? Yes. Does it create excessive safety hazard? NO. Can he do better? Sure. Is it necessary that he do better? NO.

Lighten up folks.


He then follows up with this:


Tactically squared away?

Seriously stop and think about what you are saying. The odds of first a person needing it is incredibly low. The odds of being involved in a force on force situation is even lower.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. We want people to carry but it sounds like you don’t approve unless that have a Level 99,999 Retention Rig with 5,700 hours of training in retention, weak hand only shooting from underneath a car at multiple targets.

How does this help make carrying seem like something most everyone can and should do?


Assclowns are everywhere or so it seems.

I kept thinking of this.




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