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Things like this sometimes make me wonder if we are truly better off with the broad sense of the 2A.... I get it, I support it, but how can we make it so that not every idiot can buy/carry guns?  I understand that if you start placing limits on some it opens the door for limits on the rest and it's a slippery slope, but DAMN! Too many idiots with guns and cars and we have to let them so that people don't put restrictions on US.  So damn annoying

Whether our burden is as light as enduring the ignorance that's the subject of this thread or as heavy as burying children slain by madmen, it's still worth it.

A free people must be armed, no matter the cost. There is no other way.

Don't get me wrong, I agree 100%


It's just frustrating as shit sometimes 


Kind of like the whole "their vote is counted the same as mine"  Ugh...


"The Difference Between A Subject And A Citizen Is The Right To Bear Arms"

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