Police transition course of fire for 1911's.

My admin will allow duty carry of1911's if I can present a 1911 transition course of fire for those who should choose to carry them .....i.e. "Me"

Realistically, id be the only one who would take advantage of it but given the opportunity I want to proceed. 

If anyone has any information please IM me...

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Original Post

What are you transitioning from? 

I guess I'm also curious to know why one needs a course to transition from one handgun to another. Its all the same "align sights, pull trigger gun go bang" kinda thing. Our policy is any duty size gun in 9/40/45 essentially and you have the pass the same qual as everyone else. 

Depending what guns you are coming from and absolutely needing to check that box of a transitioning course, topics to be discussed could be a difference in maintenance schedule, quality checks of the guns, breakdown and parts. As far as range time with it goes maybe working the safety from the draw, reloads, and a couple hundred rounds to make sure the guns brought in will actually function and haven't been jimmied to hell by a garage gun smith. 


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shadow93 posted:

What are you transitioning from? 

Just me....GLOCK

I guess I'm also curious to know why one needs a course to transition from one handgun to another.

Beacause thats what the Captain wants...



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Might be good to know where he's (CPT) coming from. Did they have some sort of transition training when the Glocks came on board? If so, find out what that looked like, lift and modify the relevant bits. 

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You can use whatever qualification course you currently use for everyone else.   A few years ago I audited the FBI 1911 transition course.   A major component was repeatedly shooting their standard qual course; not a different one for different pistols.   Lots of reps to learn use of the safety and basic manipulations.

What you do need to prove is that you are A)  safe, and B) proficient.    

The safe part comes from following the same 4 universal gun handling rules, but now with the manual safety.    The firing hand thumb rides on top and only deactivates it when your sights are on target and you are prepared to fire.   It’s right back on as soon as sights come off target.   Depending on past experience, this may be a no-brainer or it might take some time to master.   

Proficiency is hitting what you are shooting at and not fumbling the other manipulations.   

We had a complaint once from an outside agency who was a little freaked when an agent did a search warrant with them and helped clear the house with the 1911 out.   Hammer was cocked! And all that.   Complete Ignorance.  I was asked my thoughts before a full blown internal was spun up.    I asked specifically how was he unsafe; I.e. any violations of 4 UGHR?   “Well, no.”    Was his safety off?   “Not that we knew of.”   Well, what was the issue then?   “He was moving around with a cocked weapon!”   Ummm, yeah, and so were you with your 870, AR, or MP5.   Did you have your safety on????   RHETORICAL QUESTION

And, there is more preventative maintenance required.   

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The little department where I started (and where I still work part time) had a wide open firearms policy at one time. I carried a Colt Combat Commander in .45 ACP from September of 1981 to March of 1988, when I switched to a Beretta 92F.  (Two other guys carried Colt M1911 pattern pistols and the Chief carried a Browning P-35 in condition two)

For qualification courses, we just shot IPSC courses taken out of "Cooper on Handguns" and the current PPC courses from the NRA and FBI. (My state didn't have a handgun qualification requirement until 2014)

During those years I took three classes with John Farnam. The weapon manipulation issues that he stressed if you were running a single action auto pistol cocked and locked were as Jay said, keep your thumb on top of the safety and only take the safety off when you're on target and the decision to fire has been made. (I found doing that often pulled the web of my hand away from the grip safety and sometimes the gun wouldn't fire until I had re-established the proper grip. I still have that pistol, and it now has an extended beavertail grip safety with a "speed bump" on it which helps a lot but does not entirely solve the problem for me)

My gun is loose and rattly and always works as long as I use good quality mags. (I still have a bunch of Pachmayer and original Wilson 47 magazines from 30 + years ago that still work) 



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I agree with what was said above about the main difference being getting the gun up and down (off target or all the way to and from the holster) with the safety properly operated.  Do you have some kind of transition or basic user class for your patrol rifles? I would think that could be adapted pretty easily.  Along with several reps of your current pistol qual and draws, reloads, manipulations and such under time

LAPD has a transition class for the 1911; you might reach out to them. Not sure if the two LAPD members we had here are still monitoring. 

I carried a 1911 for twenty years and thumb safety equipped M&Ps for another four years. As mentioned, learning to address, maniplate the thumb safety and the grip safety at a sub-conscious level would be my emphasis, focus. 10-8 Consulting / 10-8 Performance had a good two day 1911 user class that would have been a very solid transition course and it would have withstood anyone's scrutiny.  

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