300 Blackout- 7.5" or 9" barrel non-suppressed ammo rec?

Building an AR platform pistol. 

First 300 Blackout build.

Non-suppressed- Not an option where I live. Additionally I understand that suppressed "pistol" class ARs have a bad tendency  to be over gassed as well.

7.5" or 9" barrel? Why? I know there is a bit of MV drop for each inch of barrel loss, but what is the shortest barrel that you can achieve effective velocities for 300 blk to "reliably" expand.

Best defensive ammo recommendation for punching meat at close range. (5m-25m)

Accuracy is nice / important but a round that prints groups like a laser beam at 200m is useless if it has the terminal ballistics of a wire coat hanger segment.

So.. as the subject says - ammo rec - for ballistic effectiveness- I'll wring out accuracy once the starting point is established.


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I'm seeing the Barnes 110gr VOR-TX as readily available all around me.

At least at this point it doesn't seem to be "unobtainium".

Thanks Doc.


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TTSX was the loading recommendation recommended by doc.  Generally regarded the the best performing of the supers.  

Barrel length is always a trade off.    Compactness of “pistol” vs velocity at impact on target.   Between 7 and 9 inches you are looking at about 100 -150 FPS difference at the muzzle depending on the load.

What are you planning on doing with said pistol.   If hunting, maybe you want the extra FPS to extend your max range.   If this is a inside 100 yd weapon, maybe you want a shorter barrel.

I went with 8.5 because any shorter was too short for my monkey arms and support hand placement.  

Not hunting. 

Purpose built defensive / offensive people puncher.

face to 25 meters.

Unless I'm crosseyed or mis-reading, the Barnes 110gr VOR-TX is carrying the TTSX projectile.

Barnes VOR-TX® .300 AAC Blackout Ammunition

  • Highly potent TTSX bullet
  • Bullet's polymer tip optimizes ballistic coefficient
  • High weight retention and double-diameter expansion

Are there other commercial loadings with that projectile available that I'm too keyboard challenged to find right now?


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That’s the only commercial loading  I am aware of.  

If it’s social use only, under 100yds, I would go as short as you find comfortable or as req for concealability.    I would have looked at the sig rattler but the price was more than I wanted to pay and I wanted a bit more range than the 5in barrel allowed.  

As you look at supers in a short barrel, keep a close eye on the gas port size, unless you are planning on going adjustable gas block.  Many offerings have larger ports to allow functioning of low powered subs which can cause a significant over gas for supers.  Things you probably know but don’t hurt repeating.

Re: commercial loadings of the TTSX, Doubletap has one. Not really any cheaper than the Barnes offering, but sometimes easier to find. My 8" pistol runs them fine, both suppressed and unsuppressed. I'm copying the line item from my most recent Cheaper Than Dirt receipt:

AMM-3010  DoubleTap Hunter .300 Blackout Ammunition 20 Rounds, LF Barnes TTSX, 110 Grain6

Roger that, Doc, and couldn't agree more. Just pointing out its existence, and that it has gone “bang” the couple hundred times I’ve asked it to.

Would still prefer the name brand when I can find it, even for a significant premium. I picked the round based on your list, so it only makes sense to stick with the tested load when possible (even if they're theoretically the same).

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