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So I am looking at a new helmet and came across the 3M products. Their specs look impressive and from what I can see on price (from botach) they are really competitive with Opscore and Team Wendy. Now I have had horrible experience with Botach, and will never buy from them again. Does anyone know of a 3M distributor that I can contact for an agency purchase?


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I'll shoot you a contact I have for a company called Safeware that can help you out.  Another option is to use Atlantic Signal.  The helmets they sell are 3M.


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I am in the same boat.  Wear a Med ACH but with my Sordins I get headaches so I need a high cut.  I am trying to figure out 7 1/8 OCP hat do I get a Medium or Large. 

WHY do you get headaches? Helmet sizing can change between fitting-your-head and fitting-your-head-and-earpro. I, for one example, can wear a Large helmet, but it really didn't work with earpro (Sordin dual comm) so I had to bump up to XL to make them comfortable and convenient. The size change meant I could stay full coverage though. 

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