Let me preface this with the fact that I'm a firefighter and not a HSLD operator in any way, shape, or form. I bought this helmet to use for riot ops and for hog hunting. I looked at bump helmets and them decided to go with something with ballistic protection too for civil unrest, active shooter, etc. I will try to answer anyone's questions to the best of my ability. I tried to research this helmet prior to purchasing but I couldn't find any reviews.

So here goes: sizes available are M,L, XL. Weight is advertised as 1.27 lbs for size Large finished shell. Finished helmet weight size Large is advertised as 2.09 lbs. I took the helmet to First Spear (local to me & awesome company) to see if any helmet covers fit. The helmet I ordered was a Large and a First Spear Ops Core Maritime Cut solid stretch cover in small/medium fit perfect. Weight with cover on their scale was 2.40 lbs without any designator patches. I ordered the helmet with the Team Wendy cam fit versus the 3m X-back retention. Boltless Rails. Wilcox L4 nvg shroud. NIJ IIIA rated. Frag protection. D30 pads that meet ACH/ECH requirements.

I'll try to link spec sheets.  

I took pics after the cover was installed. Also are some pics in a First Spear helmet hut. I spend alot of time wearing a heavy fire helmet. I am blown away by how light and comfortable this helmet is with ballistic protection.  Also want to thank the distributer, Jim Boydd of Boydd Products for getting the helmet to me asap for anniversary of riots.   3m-ultra-light-weight-ballisti...elmet-sell-sheet.pdf      http://www.first-spear.com/pro...p;cat=280&page=1     http://s1067.photobucket.com/u...y/?sort=3&page=1

This is my first post so if I screwed anything up, please let me know.  Thanks in advance Mods


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PDF link doesn't work. Is it this? http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/m...elmet-sell-sheet.pdf

Try pressing enter occasionally. Hard to read the wall of text. 

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Thank you for taking the time & effort. There isn't a lot of info on these yet as they're relatively new to the market. 

I edited your post, only to make it a wee bit more readable, by breaking it in to paragraphs. 

Oh, one thing ... I was a bit confused by your description of a ballistic bump helmet. Bump just ptovides impact protection, ballistic should be stopping incoming projectiles and frag along with impact protection. .  Sorry, read the 3M spec sheet and that's their terminology. Odd. 

I'm somewhat curious about the rise in popularity of high cut helmets. I understand where they have a role for the HSLD type guys. But, for other types of personnel, the ACH seems to provide more coverage. If using active earpro, going one size up (if necessary) seems to work fine with the ACH.

Garg 'nuair dhùisgear

Erick, thanks for editing. Was trying to finish the post between calls on my phone and it kept jamming up. I really appreciate it.  

I also found 3M's description to be odd at first, but the more I checked out the D3O pads, the more I understood  what I believe to be what they meant.

Ballistic protection at bump helmet weight maybe? All i can say, is the padding in the 3M blows away my fire helmet when I get hit in the melon. And our fire helmets have breakaway impact inner shells etc. I'd much rather take a brick to the head wearing the 3m versus my fire helmet!!

Btw, we had a fire fighter get shot thru his fire helmet on a 1st alarm about 5 months ago. By grace of god it just grazed the top of his head. Thank god it wasn't any lower on his head. 


CAE5 posted:

I'm somewhat curious about the rise in popularity of high cut helmets. I understand where they have a role for the HSLD type guys. But, for other types of personnel, the ACH seems to provide more coverage. If using active earpro, going one size up (if necessary) seems to work fine with the ACH.

Also Known As: The ballistic yamaka.

Bubbas wear them, so everyone else wants to.  Even without ear-pro / comms. 

Also why the bubbas wear small or x-small sapi plates, because even they have to adhere to orders.

"...SAPI plates & ballistic helmets WILL be worn..."

There is a time & a place.  Whats funny is when a former bubba runs into a regular guy all kitted out.  That look, that look is priceless! 





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XTCBX posted:

These offer the same ballistic protection of the Team Wendy, Ops-Core, etc...but with a very reduced weight? 

To be fair, the MTEK Flux has very similar weight numbers, and also has a NIJ IIIA rating.

The standard Ops-Core FASTs and the Crye AirFrame both fail to meet NIJ IIIA ratings, but instead conform to some DoD rating that's doesn't ask as much, IIRC, hence why there's an Ops-Core FAST LE and Crye AirFrame ATX, both of which are heavier than their DoD-specced counterparts, but also offer NIJ IIIA. The Team Wendy EXFIL Ballistic is NIJ IIIA.

So, really, the 3M ULW-BBH N49 offer better ballistic protection than the standard Ops-Core FAST and Crye AirFrame, while also being lower weight, if we're going by the spec sheets. Would be nice if they gave coverage numbers, to see if they compromised coverage to make the weight numbers.

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The warranty issue in the armor is an interesting one. From my academy days on, domestically its been a 5 year warranty; while Europe was ten - at least during the Zylon issue it was. On a P&S podcast about hard armor, one or two of the participants were quoting 5 years for domestic warrantys for plates, helmets. 

As they become more common, it would be nice to see some longer term testing. 

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