So these don't seem to stay in stock very long, I'm guessing that means they are well made/comfortable. That said, any "end users" care to comment on fit, sizing etc? , are these as comfortable a BDU's for instance? or are these made for "athletes" Thanks

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Couple of quick comments on the slim version I own. I am on the lean side and they are definitely tight.   The bottom cuff does not fit well over boots. The front pockets could stand to be a bit deeper.  The blue dye seems to bleed off more than any jeans I have owned even after several washings. 

I have two pairs but not had them that long to review them (not even washed them yet!).

I found they came up large on the waist due to the flex but otherwise are a good fit. The cuff is a little narrow and have to be manipulated over boots but I have no issue with that. The extra rear pockets are great for storing a phone as you don't end up sitting on it and the extra deep coin pocket is great for 'hiding small items from casual view. There is plenty of flex in the material, no binding in the leg at all, very comfortable. Material is 'thin', not Levi-style  jean material at all and would. I imagine, dry quite quickly if caught in a rainstorm unlike killer cotton jeans.

I' definitely recommend them as far as fit and comfort goes (no idea yet on hard use and longevity, but I swim against the tide as I like most 5.11 items, except their boots, especially trousers (I also have 3 pairs of the Apex pants, my absolute favourite 'not-too-tactical-looking tactical pants).



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I've got a pair of the jeans and a couple of pair of the pants, all in the "slim" fit.  I tried the straight fit and found that there was not much difference in the cut.  The leg opening was identical, the only difference I saw was from the knee down.  The straight didnt taper as much (duh).  I liked the fit of the slim so thats what I stuck with.

I'm a pretty consistent 32x32 in most pants but I found the 32 inseam too long on these.  32x30 fits perfect for me and I expect a little shrinkage due to the stretchy material.

I've had Prana and AG stretch jeans and found the fit of the 5.11's to be much better than those.

The additional hip pockets....meh.  I could see them being useful but their location (to me) puts it right on my hip bone and is uncomfortable.  

My only critique would be as others said, the front pockets are not as deep as I'd like.  functional, yes and not shallow enough to dump stuff but they pimp the change pocket as being deeper, not sure why they didnt continue the theme with the regular pockets.

I've had a pair since they were released, they are VERY comfortable and lightweight.  The stretch is perfect, they look like jeans, and they have held up well.  I had the first Gen 5.11 "tactical jeans" with the hidden inside pockets that almost never got used, and while they were heavier and more durable the new ones are much more comfortable and the darker dye blends better...they resemble expensive "dress jeans" with the cut and stitching. I've also had the Tactical Distributors tactical jeans for over a year. They're much more stretchy, to the point the waistband now feels like sweatpants. They are also cut more like skinny jeans. While the pockets are nice and deep, and the extra knife pockets are a solid idea, the linings are extremely fragile and I've had to patch multiple pockets that wore through.  If you ever put a rifle mag in the rifle mag pocket, it would tear in an afternoon.  I haven't seen the second gen of these yet, the 5.11's fit the bill for now.  I also didn't pay the full price, 5.11 runs 25% off sales pretty regularly, that's when to snag them.

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You could also try Lulu Lemons...

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I tried a pair.  Front pockets way too shallow.  They need to be at least 2" deeper. 

The sizing is off like most brands. Marked as a 32" waist, but actually measured 35".   Life would be simpler if the marked size was the actual measurement. 

It's all in the reflexes.

Waist sizing is 'generous'.

Oh, and the indigo colour runs like a mofo on first wash, ask me how I know.



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I wear a 34 waist,  if I order these would you go 33, or a 32 as the comments make them out as a bit generous in the waist. 

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