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For years I ran a BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 (Long Latch) Charging Handle on my 5.56 M&P 15.  That gun is now gone and I researched and could find no contraindications to running the 7.62 Mod 3 on my M&P 10 until the package showed up and it's the only place I ever saw that said M&P 10's are a no-go.  I'm seeing conflicting info on the Radian Raptor Ambi CH.  Some sources say yes it fits others say no it doesn't.  Now Ambi is not a requirement but a long latch is due to my serious lack of feeling and dexterity in my left hand. 

Does the collective power of knowledge and information that LF is know of any Long Latch or Ambi CH's that will fit and function in my M&P10?  My BCM CH is up for sale in the HESM if anyone is interested (essentially BNIB).

Thanks in advance for any info or leads on something that will work for me.

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David Reeves posted:

I can get one of the guys on the manual Bridgeport mills to get it done. 

Is there really any other kind of mill that a guy Really  wants to run?

No.  I remember hearing about Bridgeport’s from my dad way back in the late 60’s early 70’s.  Being a machinist is how he put himself thru Berkeley and got his business degree.  Probably the last true conservative to graduate from there and that was the mid to late 50’s.  

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