I have a matched pair. To be honest I have never even installed the TCM barrel. I got them to have high cap 9mm 1911s. I have other RIA 1911s and they have been good with some work so I went for these. So far I have about 3000 rounds through each. I put Ed Brown ambi safeties and Dawson fiber optic front sights along with G10 grips. One pistol ran pretty good out of the box. The other had some double feed issues. I tuned the extractor on both, the pistol with the issues only had 6 pounds on the extractor. I also did just a little internal polishing but not much on these. The fit on these was noticeably better than the first couple RIAs I got. I have set a bunch of training sessions with them and put them through their paces and after the first 200 rounds I have not had any malfunctions. As for magazines, if your pistol has the mag well on it you will need the ones with the RIA floor plate. If it does not then the Mec-Gar Para mags work perfectly. They are both 17 rounders and I am not aware of any with larger capacity. To sum up for the money they are great and after just a little making them right they have been extremely reliable. I absolutely love mine. Hope this helps. Good luck