A Visual Comparison of the Precision of Various 5.56mm Loads


The graphic below shows the results of three 10-shot groups of each of the various 5.56mm loads pictured, fired in a row from semi-automatic AR-15s a distance of 100 yards, over-layed to form 30-shot composite groups.




1. Prvi Partizan M193

2. PMC 5.56 NATO 62 grain X-TAC

3. Hornady 5.56mm 55 grain GMX TAP Barrier

4. Hornady 5.56mm 75 grain Superformance

5. Black Hills 5.56mm 77 grain Tipped MatchKing

6. Barnes Precision 5.56mm 85 grain OTM





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Can we get AR barrel length, size of target, and maximum separation of each grouping (you have a red line showing them but there is no data)?


Very interesting.


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