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No, it won't work. I feel ya on the Bradley life though. The ARC/Peltor set up only works for helmets of a 'high ear cut' such as opscore, team Wendy, Mtek. Unless something has changed, that's what I know to the best of my ability.



1) I run peltor's under my ACH. It's pretty comfortable for me, I just removed the center pad and run the head band through there. Awesome in the winter, sucks in the summer. 

2) peltor I believe has a behind the neck band, instead of the over the head model. That might be an avenue you can go down.

3) it's been a couple years since I've been in a Bradley unit, but if memory serves me correctly there should be the dismount SQD Ldrs headset apart of the BII. They're like the ones MRAP's come with in Afghanistan. Try asking about those? 


I will preface this by saying that I have never even seen a Bradley except for photo's and video, so take this for what you paid for it.

I run Sordins with the behind the neck band with my helmets. They are very comfortable, with a wide soft strap that goes over the head to hold them in place. It fits under the pads, and is thin enough that you don't even feel it.

I chose it because I wanted ear pro that I could wear with, or without a helmet, and it is definitely more comfortable than the ones I have tried that have the regular headband, when worn under a helmet.

I don't know if Peltor has something similar, or can be configured the same.



I also run the peltors under my lid (USMC issued LWH that I, ahem, acquired/found/picked up when I was on AD). I run a large LWH when I'd normally wear a medium. This makes it a bit easier and more comfortable with the peltors underneath. I use the thicker (3/4 in?) pads to make up the difference. I  also ran a length of adhesive loop velcro along the top of my peltors head band. This interfaces with the velcro hook coins in the helmet to keep it all locked together well in conjuction with adjusting the head and cheek straps around the peltors. I can easily remove the helmet and ear pro as one unit now and can easily pull the ear pro out to use separately.

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