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Hi folks, searched but didnt find a topic about this,so hope that a small review helps.
I bought the 3Desert/ Night desert variant.

Out of Gore-tex is made just the Desert outer side, the Night variant (the liner actually) is made of lightweight nylon like classic CV sport/training jackets are. It doesnt have the ventilation zippers in axilla as ECWCS does,and no side chest pockets.There are only two pockets at the bottom at the desert side and one chest pocket at the Night one. All are closed by zippers.

The main zipper is reversible,so you can use it comfortably wearing both variants. The Desert variant has the rank tab as the ECWCS has. All the cords used for tightening the hood and the jacket are elastic,not just the nylon cords.
At the Night side there is a strap with velcro used to catch the rolled hood. The hood looks big enough to cover a head with a helmet,offering good peripheral vision,but still covering the head very well.

Hood fixing strap

All the stitches including the edges of the sleeves etc. are just in one row,no doubled or tripled stitching.

It has rained all the week here,but now, when the jacket finally arrived,its sunny here,so cant say how it works after some time spent in the rain. But will add the info as soon as the weather changes Smile.The big advantage I see is,that is really lightweight and well storable,it was sent to me in an 10x8" envelope.
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well,if you are wearing the night desert,it is thanks to the material not as noisy as the GTX side-think that the nylon has some addition of vinyl or something like that,so it has crinkly sound but not as loud "cracking" sound as GTX-thats my subjective opinion.

and one more thing-I have the medium size and it is smaller than M-R ECWCS parker-fits well,but its not as long and wide as the ECWXS types.I'll add more photos as soon as comes home somebody else who can take some snaps of me wearing it.
I have a non-reversible version of the same jacket. Its lighter both in weight and in construction than the ECWCS Jacket. I view it as an intermediate jacket for milder conditions. For me it works great, and it kept me dry during a 12 hour class in rainy weather and muddy conditions. It definately runs smaller and trimmer in the same size as the ECWCS jacket, so adjust accordingly.

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