I have a AI AT & am shopping for 10 round magazines for it...but are a mite confused despite a web trawl.

Basically...AT & AX take the same magazine?

Additionally, there seem to be a few variations in magazines available but....such as these from EuroOptic:



That price differential over 6x mags means  for for a decent bag, scope covers, Parker-Hale bipod adapter, 155gn BJD etc etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks all!

I suspect UA1519 is a UK MoD contract, 0726 is factory standard & 6677PB is 0726 painted brown.

Not much info on AI's site & Mile High is one of the few to ID 0726 will work in AT & AX.  Lotta info re the various AICS mags in various chassis types.


Thanks- two 9 rounders (welded floorplates) came with the rifle.  Mile High are good people to deal with?


Hope so. It has taken time to get after two years + of stuffing around.  Now I just have to get into it & shoot...but not for a month: some event has shut down local ranges.

TravisJr posted:

...Steve at Triad Tactical is also good to go in my book.  

We sadly don't talk much anymore, but I've known Steve since the mid-90s, and he (and the rest of the Triad guys) are solid people. 

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Linz posted:


Thanks- two 9 rounders (welded floorplates) came with the rifle.  Mile High are good people to deal with?

Since you asked...

They would be my 3rd choice of the 3.   I do a ton of business with EuroOptic and have going back to when it was just Alex answering the phones himself and selling a handful of optic brands.

I haven't been doing business with Triad for quite as long but they are usually my first stop for smaller kit like Badger, TAB GEAR and AI accessories that they stock. 

I also bought from Mile High back when Randy was answering phone calls and they were the first alternative distributor for AI outside of TacPro or calling Stacey Blankenship directly.  I liked them then, but my recent experiences doesn't mirror what their reputation has become.  Don't get me wrong, they are highly knowledgeable and good salesmen.  However, I have had better treatment and personal service from Euro and Triad and will reward them first if at all possible. 


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