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shoobe01 posted:

I love, love, love my G.33, but paid way more than $320 for that so don't worry: many people are oddly annoyed by this, not just those with expensive first gen Aimpoint magnifier. 

It's $230.  And I got out of mine when I first saw the price mentioned at SHOT.  I had a couple of extras.   The ones I have I won't sell anyway but I could see some people getting chapped.  But that's business.

Sorry for the necro post but I've recently come into an opportunity to get the 3x-c (commercial) magnifier or the original model 3x magnifier for the price of the 3x-c. Both are new and I had the opportunity to handle both. The seem to be damn near identical. My initial thoughts are to take the better bargain (3x) but I want to figure out is there any more updated technology or better glass on the more recently produced item (3x-c) that would make it better to go with that. I know glass is glass, but is there something I may be missing? The optic would be used on my SWAT rifle with my T-1. What do you think?

Has anyone had any updates with their experience with the Aimpoint 3XMag-1 and/or Aimpoint 6XMag-1? I am looking to replace my EOTech G33 with one or the other, and am wondering if the 6x is simply too much for the role, given its limit FOV and alleged tight eyebox. This would be going on an 11.5" with a CompM5; I have no interest in an LPVO for this gun, I have other guns that are already equipped with quality LPVOs.

Note that the 3XMag-1 (released in 2016) is not the same as the much older 3XMag (released in 2005, discontinued in 2018) which is considered inferior to the EOTech magnifiers, nor is it the consumer grade 3X-C (released in 2016).

Melon_Killer posted:

I've only seen pics of the 6x magnifier but a lot of the times I see folks having to push their RDS further up and partially hanging off the rail onto the hand-guard rail... Depending on how far you have your stock out/shooting position, I can see this being a problem.

A lot of the reasoning for me to entertain the 6x is actually because it's so long, as I run with my stock (Magpul MOE SL) all the way out, on an A5 RE, while squared to the target (XTCBX can attest to how wonky my tapeswitch positioning is compared to how he runs his guns.. although his rifling is way better than mine, so maybe he's on to something). I would pick up the 3x in a heartbeat if I knew that the eye relief was good enough that I don't have to crane my head forward.

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A coworker of mine recently purchased one. Spent a day at the range with the 6x magnifier. The glass is pretty good (I’m not an uber optics nerd) compared to other magnifiers I’ve used.

As others have stated the eyebox is not very forgiving. If my head wasn’t in the perfect spot behind the magnifier I was experiencing a lot of shadowing.

The field of view is pretty limited as well. We were using the magnifier to identify targets that were 200 to 300 meters away. Searching for the targets with the 6x magnifier felt like I was trying to use a 4-16 power optic  with 16x dialed in. Very difficult to locate targets or even figure out where the rifle was pointed.

We didn’t measure the field of view or do any formal testing, just basic use and observations. I’m an aimpoint guy, and have one of their 3x magnifier and love it. But I was disappointed with the 6x magnifier.

During this same range session I had a Trijicon 1-6 accupoint on my rifle that I had just purchased. My buddy was impressed with the Accupoint and disappointed with the 6x magnifier. So now  he is going to sell the magnifier and buy a Trijicon.

For what the 6x magnifier costs I would rather put that money towards a LVPO or save some money and buy a 3x magnifier.

EDIT to add my buddy was running the 6x behind a Aimpoint Comp M5. Again I’m not an optics nerd but the size of the M5 may have contributed to the small field of view.

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Sad to hear. 

I love this old 4x EO magnifier I got, but the mounts are for shit and they don't make the magnifier anymore. It is very forgiving, and I increasingly tend to think the euro marksmen (and many woodsy hunters worldwide) may have been onto something settling on 4x fixed. I also have an old German issue scope on my HK as well and it's nice. 3x just seems a tad under powered sometimes. 

But unforgiving eyebox is not a carbine optic to me. 

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