ALICE Gear History

ALICE gear and pickle suits.  Basic training.  That could be me.








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Did anyone ever 'wear' the E-tool?  I never saw it anywhere but on the rucksack. 

2 canteens, and a buttpack on the rear, with 550 cord replacing the Y harness (or H harness if you were cool) clips.  At the front, 4 mag pouches and another first aid pouch with compass, and a mini-mag lite in a slim holster, in lieu of the big angle flashlight, if your SOP allowed.  Field dressing on left shoulder (regardless of whether you fired left or right side) and often upside down (because, well, somebody thought that was the smart thing to do).

I remember my first camelback - was for cycling, and all black.  Then the tubes for the canteen (never really great) and the snap-in belt pad.   Plus the belt extender!



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Me too, except for the holster and flashlight.  And I do have the flak vest.



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You guys are bringing back a lot of memories with this thread.  I still have everything, ALICE LBE harness gear, PASGT helmet, PASGT flack vest, and a large ALICE pack with frame.  All my ALICE gear is set up just as described by TankerSteve minus the buttpack; those canvas "H" harnesses were highly coveted and very rare.  It all sits in my attic, unused since 1995.


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The only two things I actualy have left, are an ALICE-style H-harness that I bought from Brigade Quartermaster's and the scars on my back from the meathooks I got on a 12 mile roadmarch during RIP in April 1988.  

Which caused me to buy the above mentioned H-harness and of course replace all the hooks with 550 cord!

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Still have mine.

H harness, 4 mag pouches, 2 canteen pouches, butt pack, and of course a strobe light on the suspenders so everyone would know i was One of the cool kids...

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tankersteve posted:


I remember my first camelback - was for cycling, and all black.  Then the tubes for the canteen (never really great) and the snap-in belt pad.   Plus the belt extender.


Circa 1988 or so, we drilled holes in the caps of our 2 qt canteens, ran some iv or aquarium tubing through the caps, sealed the tubing with wax and super glue, then hung the canteen upside down on ALICE and presto - ghetto Camelback. They worked great for the 1st 10 minutes of the patrol. Then the PRC 74 and the dmdg got soaked when the tubing gave way. Eventually we refined it a little so it actually worked...

I have no idea when camelbacks first came out but this was long before I heard of them...

When life gives you lemons, say f*** the lemons and bail...

Occasionally one of my young kids will play a game I call “name that scar”.   “Daddy where did you get that scar?”     


By by far my favorite is my SFAS “tramp stamp”.  Two circles on my lower back where those stupid Y harness clips rubbed through my skin after about a week of rucking and land nav.  

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