Alien gear

For $15, it's hard to beat the Snake Eater Tactical IWB pouch. I can also recommend a BFG Ten Speed pouch on a Raven pocket shield.

How are you carrying your pistol? Some solutions work better with certain setups.

Edited to add: I forgot to address the Alien Gear question specifically. I think they make junk for people who don't have the time or desire to seek out quality gear.


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I have an alien gear mag pouch.   It’s got a good amount of padding for a mag carrier so it’s somewhat comfortable to wear.  That being said it’s in my drawer of “holsters and shit I don’t use”.    Not saying it’s bad, just not good enough that I use it much / ever.   If you find your mag carrier uncomfortable and think padding will help, then it could be worth a try.  Otherwise, there is probably something else on the market that will work better, be slimmer, be better constructed.  

I am neither a lover or hate of alien gear.  I have two alien gear holsters. The first being an origional in leather that I used occasionally when I decided to carry my 1911.   When they came out with the neoprene version (2.0 or 3.0, whatever) I bought one and it was an improvement over the original.  It holds the weight of the all metal 1911 more comfortably that anything else I have IWB.   Though I have a half shell for my g26 ,  I don’t like the way the g26 sits in it.   Not enough barrel on the g26 to keep the butt tight to the body. 

Aliengear is ok stuff overall. Not great, but it’s fairly adjustable and versatile.   Of their three products I own, one gets use on the rare occasion I carry a 1911 (cause Murcia!).    

Makes me think we need a data call on number of holsters owned per number of handguns.   I think I am averaging 4+ holsters per gun.  At best, 2 of the four get any use.  The others just didn’t make the cut

I'm not impressed with the quality of Alien Gear. I have one because they came around handing them out. My boss snagged one for me. I test fit it, noted the lackluster hardware and dubious fit, and tossed it in the spare drawer. I have used it a couple of times, but not if I have an alternative. There are way better options out there for a comparable price. All of this being said, I have zero experience with their mag carriers.

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