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This is for requests for work.

Do NOTE that once you request work it is expected that YOU as the customer have FULLY Defined the WORK to be requested.

The level or extent of specifications will be up to the offeror of services. At the very least will be exact measurements and SPECIFIC requirements.

ALL work is to be priced accordingly between the offerer and client. A reasonable expectation is 25.00/hour per general service.

For example, tearing down a pack will require the following - 4 hours to teardown, 2 to mark and add PALS, 4 hours to reassemble. SO 250.00 for 10 hours of work: not to include any incidentals like postage, insurance, materials, etc.

Potential Clients - Do not bitch and moan if the price is out of your range. That is the nature of the game. This is NOT the thread to gripe

Offerors, you will be judged on the quality of work performed.

ROMIE also says nor ATS Tactical Gear will NOT be responsible for any problematic business deals that go down here. Customer and gear builder assume any and all risk.

This is meant only to be a REQUEST thread only, anything beyond or not meeting this will be summarily deleted

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1. Remove hood from a TAD gear pathfinder hoodie (convert to Cardigan). Does not have to exactly resemble collar pattern of original.

2. Add PALS loops to lid of Kifaru TG1.

Ketch, thank you very very much! Outstanding work!

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I would like to have a bag made for my 1917 cutlass. The bag must be about 30 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. I have a few other specifications best discussed in pm. I am a true capitalist and believe in paying fair prices so pm me if you want to work on a unique project!

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1. Modification to LE badge wallet. Would like the ability to remove Badge (Star) from wallet and place in a clip-on/neck carry holder.

2. A custom made wallet that achieves the below requirements.

Dilemma- My off duty flat badge, is currently in a bi-fold wallet, and is glued in place. If removed, it will not be secured in the wallet if I want to put it back in. Yes, I like to carry my off-duty star in a wallet sometimes.

One solution I thought of is to remove the leather star shaped cut out, and add velcro to the backing. A clear vinyl sheet will have to be added to the face to avoid the star from falling out ( since glue will not be holding it in). a hypolon sheet with star cut out can then be added to the top over the vinyl to hide the stitching.

I am open to other construction ideas as well.

Very hard to explain but a similar wallet can be found at this link:

I can provide the hypolon, and vinyl sheets. I used to do sewing but have not found the time, to sew and repair my machine.


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Remove PALS webbing from chest and upper back of a Mayflower low-profile armor carrier, and add tan velcro panels (loop) for ID patches.

PM if interested with a quote...


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Need about six feet of mid weight shock cord for misc. projects. Color unimportant.

PM with coin requirements, beer list or one of my reflective American Flag stickers.
Thanks guys.

Ek Cool

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Request: Attach modern h-harness and PALS webbing to a chicom chest rig. Rig has had the grenade pouches and original harness removed, open to any suggestions or variations

I'd like a helmet carrier to carry a MICH-style helmet on the exterior of an ATS Cobra pack. Probably looking at some sort of cross/criss-cross straps with fastex buckles attached to go through MOLLE loops on pack. Colour prefered is tan. PM if you can help me out. Cheers.

I have an Israeli vest with a Y-shaped elastic system, secured by fastex buckles, used to secure helmets to the back of the pack.

PM me if you want photos. Isn't too complicated.

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need somebody to do some mods to my DF-LCS harness (replace shitty elastic with nylon straps w/triglides and fatsex buckles, sew a couple of straps in place, and sew shut the edges of the rig).
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I have a Belstaff 554 messenger bag (I Am Legend bag), and I would like the cotton interior hanging liner removed and the inside of the bag lined completely in fuzzy velcro.

Anyone interested who wants to play with a Belstaff bag and modify it, let me know.


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Request -

Nothing fancy, but if anyone wants to make some easy beer money, I'm looking for a H shoulder conversion strap and hydro straps for a RRV. Tried Eagle but they said they don't sell them as replacement parts.

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Hey all, I need a tubular bag to carry some gear.

It needs to be pretty beefy - strong enough to handle ~30lbs of gear.

It needs to be padded. That stuff they make GI sleeping mats from would be good. The padding needs to be doubled on the ends.

The zipper should have two pulls. There needs to be some kind of a flap on the inside to keep the zipper from scratching the gear being carried in the bag.

Dimensions are 54" long and 10" in diameter. These are INNER dimensions.

Carry handle webbing equally spaced from the ends with about 10" between them.

Steel "D" rings for a shoulder strap. I will be using some kind of a MG sling most likely.

The inside of the bag needs to have four straps to secure the gear to the 'bottom' of the bag - two 10" in from the ends. The other two evenly spaced between the first two.

Color: Some kind of non-mil 'guy color' would be best, but not red or orange or yellow. Green (not OD), blue...something like that. No black either.

Here is a crummy drawing to give an idea of what I am looking for


Please reply via PM.


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Yeah, pretty much.


Ok, I'm in.

7.62 shell holder. I'm looking for 6 of them. Milspec nylon with a lop at one end. With elastic webbing to hold 10 rounds on each side in CB.
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Two velcro belt keepers.

Say two inches wide.

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Looking to rebuild my old Lowe trial pre-CFP-90 top closure that dry rotted. Thinking of havinng a new nylon inner bag made up that can be tied into the lower end where the cross piece is para corded in and putting velcro tabs around the inside of the pack body to secure the nylon bag to hold items that may be damp or too wet to carry where the sleeping bag closure is on the bottom of the pack. This is the brown bottom, olive drab pack that an SF buddy gave to me way back.

Still have the old olive drap flap that has mag pouches built in. Still in decent shape so all I need is the old black nylon cinch portion redone with an olive drab nylon bag with closure system. I will get the top rim resewn before I send it off for repair, if someone is up to it. Wink

Any takers,or ideas that may work out for this pack? Let me know. Cool
Request - Pants... I know, lame, and there are 8,000 companies out there that make cargo pants, but I have had these for about 5 years and they are perfect... I will supply primary material (not buttons, zippers, thread and pocket lining) and can send the original pants. Looking for an exact replica (minus tears and holes) of the pants pictured below, approximately 32-33 inch waste and 31 inch inseam. I would like one pocket added to the right side calf to fit a 30 rd 5.56 mag with no closure, just about 1 inch shorter than the mag itself. The first pair I will provide a cotton twill but would like subsequent pairs in cotton duck and one in heavy wool for winter hunting...

Let me know what kind of time and cost I am looking at by PM.

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I need to have a plate suspension system sewn into a Diamondback Tactical Fast Attack Plate Carrier Gen II. Also, I need to have some velcro sewn onto the MOLLE on the upper part of the carrier.

Basically, my plates ride an inch or two too low in the carrier. My agency issues 10x12 plates and they don't fit properly in the carrier. The DBT FAPCII doens't have any sort of internal adjustment like other carriers (Eagle MOLLE Plate Carrier, LBT Plate Carrier, PIG, etc).

Im thinking something along the lines of what the other carriers I mentioned have would work just fine to keep the plates where they should be.

I would also need some loop velcro sewn onto the upper part of the plate carrier so i can attach an identifying patch.

Feel free to shoot me a PM with questions if you are interested. Im currently deployed OCONUS but will be back state0side at the end of October. Id be willing to send it to you now as I have a back up carrier if the turn around would be quick, if not, I can live with my make shift system and get a permanent fix once i get back home.

Looking to have two front cummerbund adaptors made. They need to attach to 5 columns on the back and have 6 usable columns on the front. Need one each, coyote or multicam and ranger green or acu.

Further details can be discussed via PM.


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Looking to have PALs panels added to the left and right sides of an intrepid chest rig like the one seen here

Looking for 4 channels wide three rows high in Ranger green. In conjunction with this having the waist band moved accordingly to the end of these panels.

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I have a canvas M5 medic bag. I am looking to have a 3 rows of Pals sewn on the top of the bag and velcro sewn on the inside of the lid. I removed the outside pockets and the pockets on the inside lid so should be an easy stich job.
PM if interested in the work. Thanks

I have an SOTech Go-Bag whose zippers have gone TU. One side will not zip at all, and the other is....picky. I suspect both need to be replaced. Nothing fancy, but I like the bag and would prefer fixing it to buying a new one. PM with quote.

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im looking for a hydration carrier, similar to the Emdom one. but id want it to have elastic loops on the back, on the bottom, they can be on the molly, or off it i am not to picky about it, one thing i do want is a mbiter pouch, sown into it on the side so i wont have to worry about it coming off, and on the opposing side i would want a single M4 single, as well as a smoke grenade pouch. and the last thing i would want is on the bottom, something that i could basically zip off, thats not any part of the actual carrier, that i could put lz marking items in it, if anyone pm's me interested ill make some sweet crude drawing to help you out.

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yeah i know its not going to be cheap at all, but i like having nice one off items, im a fan of having something practical and my own. so when people see it they like it, see the connivence in it, and are slightly envious haha

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I need a MULTICAM Organizer pouches made up;

Main pouch dimensions - 9 x 7 x 1.5 inches
Attach via MALICE straps.

Essentially like the Kifaru organizer pouch, but like the Zula admin pouch on the outside, with elastic loops for chem lights, a pouch for an ETREX GPS, an elastic loop for a CAT, & a pouch for a notebook etc.

PM me if you are interested.

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I need two pouches in multicam. First one is a pouch for my leupold katmai binos, ideally it would have side cuts on the pouch for the straps on the binos, and the front of the pouch would possibly have plastic sheeting in the front panel for protection and stiffness. Possibly shock cording sewn to the back on top and bottom so when not in use the pouch can be collapsed flat to the vest. Pals on the back for attachment to the vest up high. If interested in making it I can provide a drawing or more info on what exactly I am looking for.

The second is a pouch for my garmin rino 530 hcx gps. Something along the lines of the Emdom GPS pouch, but not as complex. Just a slit at the top for the antennas to slide into, and an elastic band at the bottom for the bottom part of the GPS to slide into so it can be secured in the pouch and when opened like a clamshell it stays in and can be viewed w/ the paracord stops. The clamshell pouch style can be shut w/ a buckle strap over the top between the two antennas. Concept might not work and might have to use a zipper system for security. I can provide a drawing to assist in making the pouch.

Potential is there for more of both of these pouches to be purchased if it works well and price is reasonable.

I have dimensions of both GPS and binos available. PM me if interested or to refer me to someone who can take this on.


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