I'm looking for someone that can make me a good quality IWB mag holder (G19). Not expecting something I can wear while on a UC deal, but something that will go unnoticed while on surveillance or while running a snitch into a house will be good. I mainly need something that will be thin enough not to buldge out like a red flag, yet maintain a spare mag securely enough to allow me to find it and index it if I need it. I'm open to suggestions and ideas that work with what I'm needing. 

I'm looking for a simple, low-pro belt that all it needs to do is hold my pants up. It would be similar to the inner belt Crye includes with their modular riggers belt. All my needs would essentially be is a piece of ranger green material, 1.75 inches around that taper off towards the front down to 1 inch thickness that secure with a simple tri-glide and velcro. Just looking for this to hold my pants up and not worry about two buckle running my war belt. I'd just order another Crye belt but do not have the time to wait as we are going downrange withing the next 6-8 weeks. 



If you scroll about halfway down the page, you can see what I am talking about in regards to what I am asking for. 


Appreciate any and all help

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I'm looking for the following:


A block of Multicam Velcro sewn onto the elastic front of a BFG Ten Speed Pouch.


Intent is to strap on RCS / Ares Elastic Shotshell Pouches on the front. A kydex or HDPE card backing (inside front of the Ten Speed Shingles) may also work as long as an M4 magazine also fits in there.


It would also have a block of Multicam with loop Velcro as an add-on item so the Velcro doesn't get messed up when I go prone.


Drop me a line if you can help or think this idea wouldn't be a viable one. 

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I have never used the services here.  This is awesome.


I need the following and I hope I describe this correctly:


I have a CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39 (neat fucking rifle).  It uses a 5 shot, single column, detachable mag.  I pulled off a major miracle and managed to find a spare 5 shot mag.  I want a pouch that would go over the buttstock on the right hand side and hold the magazine.  Maybe something elastic.  I suppose I could just get a Eagle stock pouch but that seems a bit overkill for this little rifle.  If someone knows of such a thing or knows of someone who could make one before the year 2184 (I haven't bought custom gear in years.  The makers just flat wore me out), please let me know.  Thank you as always.


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I have a 1.5" DSG competition belt I would like shortened. Where the female cobra buckle is there is a long floppy loop that connects it to the stiff portion of the belt. Just looking to take that slack out, and maybe take 1/4-1/2 inch of the plastic stiffener out of the male running end. Any help would be appreciated.

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Looking for a kydex guru to make a thing similar to the armordillo concealment xfer but for a M&P9C with a TLR3 mounted.


Ideally would have both the belt loop and a lanyard loop for tiedown at the bottom (like a raven concealment vanguard 2)


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Need contact info for someone that can make a custom plate carrier for a GIANT co-worker of mine. I told him I would secure an e-mail or phone number for him to get in contact with you. Thanks! 


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New gear is cool, but since I'm having major headaches trying to figure out what new pack to get, I'm investigating this route


I have an old Blackhawk 3DAP and the zipper teeth are starting to not mesh correctly on the two main compartments.


I'd like to get those replaced, quick release buckles for the shoulder straps, as well as get webbing and some loop cloth for ID patches put on it. Maybe some other things as well.


The big thing is that I'm coming back stateside in September for about two weeks, and would like to send it out and receive it back prior to coming back here.




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Looking for someone who can:

Replace First Spear ECP G-hooks with fastek buckles. For both straps and direct attachment to PC.

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Originally Posted by danneskjold:

I'm looking for 2x multicam canteen pouches. 500 or 300d, must fit a nalgene.

The best pouch I have found is still the Paraclete one, however I can't find one in multicam. Would prefer for it to be based off of that.

I am looking for something similar custom or stock in RG/OD for a 40oz Hydro Flask bottle.

Bottle specs:

10.9" Tall

3.6" Diameter

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 I was recently promoted and I will be in a suit and tie, but would just as soon not get strangled or flung around.  
I need someone with the capability of transforming regular dress ties into breakaway ties (using small strips of velcro to reconnect them, allowing regular tying but no sharp tugs).


I envision the tie cut into two pieces, ends sewn down to prevent fraying, and maybe one inch of skinny velcro sewn to both sides in order to connect it for tying, but allow breakaway if grabbed.



I have 6 or 7 ties to be done.


Can email me direct at vljohnson440@gmail.com 



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Looking for someone to convert a CSM gear single strap pack to a regular backpack.

Please PM me with pic requests or more info.

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Small job: I need to hippie-flage a backpack for a trip, departing in 2 weeks. Looking for someone to sew hook velcro on the back of this patch (measures approx 2"x2"):



Semi-close color match would be great. I can pay with Paypal. Thanks in advance.

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I need a 1" horizontal tear in my PIG PC repaired. Tear is located where the top edge of my plate rubs when the buttstock is placed against the PC. Ideally, the repair would consist of a patch behind the tear which is sewn into place. The pals where the tear is located are not utilized so you may stitch through them.


SKD is offering to repair this, but they quote a 1 month repair timeline and I would like to have this repaired quicker than that.


PM me if you can do this in less than a month and I will email you a picture of the tear so we can discuss any additional details as well as price.

Can anyone make me a rear shooting bag with one side that has a zipper, velcro or other fastener?

I am wanting a bag that can be carried empty, filled in the field, then carried out empty.

A strap on one face of the bag would also be nice to run my hand through while shooting or to hook the bag onto gear.

I'm pretty open to suggestions and ideas from anyone who has them.

I'm looking for somebody who can make something like the Tyr Tactical sling pocket but in OD green.  I need a solution to store my rifle sling while it's in a gun rack.


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IFAK pocket similar to Mayflower RC's Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit ( http://www.mayflower-rc.org/st...is-Blow-Out-Kit.html ), or the SO Tech Viper Flat IFAK but smaller. Ideally the size of a double mag pouch to use an ATS or SOE medical tray insert or similar.


The Raven Tactical Gear Flat Lifeline IFAK USN Gen2 ( http://www.raventacticalgear.com/rtg_store.php.html)  would be about perfect but I'm not sold on having hook/loop holding the whole burrito together. I want something almost identical in size but constructed as similar to the Mayflower as possible,


Ranger Green in color and horizontal MOLLE mounting for 6 o'clock/small of back mounting on a Crye Modular Rigger's Belt or similar low-pro MOLLE belt. 



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Camelbak Antidote DAP pouch


Low profile, think down range gear fitted mag pouch, green book cover with exterior pen holders for click sharpie, sharpie pen, mechanical pencil, skillcraft pen, B3 aviator pen and exterior and interior slot pockets for extra documents 


1000/500d dry bag for use as a kettle bell/weight bag. I'd like the buckles offset so they aren't in my palm,  I'd like a handle on the bottom too. Big enough to hold up to 80lbs or so in sand. 

Need a phone holder/belt for running. Kind of like this.



But not shitty (I have one, it sucks). The shape is fine but it's too small and I don't like the material. 


I need it to hold a phone and key dongle, dimensions 3.5 in tall, 1 inch deep, 7 inches long. 1 or 1.5 inch webbing strap for belt, fastex buckle. Zipper on top. 


If this is something you can do, please shoot me a PM.



Originally Posted by mcc-dano:

Need a phone holder/belt for running. Kind of like this.



But not shitty (I have one, it sucks). The shape is fine but it's too small and I don't like the material. 


I need it to hold a phone and key dongle, dimensions 3.5 in tall, 1 inch deep, 7 inches long. 1 or 1.5 inch webbing strap for belt, fastex buckle. Zipper on top. 


If this is something you can do, please shoot me a PM.



Just some options out there












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Looking for a pair of custom accessory pouches for an LBT 1476A assault pack, similar to the Eagle A-111 accessory pouches. Need to be in Woodland camo, with Velcro lining on back of interior of the pouch, and tie down loops along the top of the pouch inside.


Cant find the eagle ones anywhere...if they even exist anymore.

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2L Hydration pouch in MC. Stand alone (straps need to be removable or stored in pouch) and MOLLE mountable. No need for MOLLE on the outside. A built in cargo sleeve would be sweet, if possible. 

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I need some assistance sewing some new quick release shoulder buckles on Kifaru packs.  The Gen 1 buckles seemed to always break away at the wrong times.  I also have the Urban Zippy that could use a couple of upgrades, making the interior pocket larger and adding some type of padding to the bottom.  Should be an easy project.

I am in need of a custom 1.5" gun belt for everyday wear utilizing 1" accent webbing that I will provide.  I'd like the main body to be 1.5" black scuba webbing, the buckle will be a 1.5" AustriAlpin Cobra and, again, 1" accent webbing that I will provide.  


I've reached out to Ares and others, but no one wants to risk having to replace my materials should something happen during the manufacturing process. 


I was hoping to reach out to someone who is already supplied to build this belt but, if not, I can source the scuba webbing and buckle.


Thank you!

It's a little different but I want a tactical diaper bag. Having our first kid and she bought a very Doyle diaper bag I won't be using. So I want to over compensate for that fruity bag and get a sling bag or small backpack. With two pouches for bottles, and one for baby wipes. Obviously a main compartment for miscellaneous baby shit. Changing mat built in would be a plus. A spot for a patch or two and of course multi cam. Let me know if u can help. Thanks ahead of time. 

I need a cell phone carrier. I carry my phone in uniform concealed under my shirt, with the belt clip attached to my body armor straps. The belt carriers keep breaking.

Not looking for something hyper fancy, just a black, blue, OD or whatever color is handy and low key. Couple panels, sewn in belt loop, elastic keeping them together and some sort of velcro flap keeping the phone in. Velcro needs to be minimal and not require three hands to get open, since this rides in my armpit area and I use my phone a lot all day long ....constantly in and out.

PM for specific measurements and a drawing of what I have in mind.


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I'm looking for a good kydex and/or leather guy in Central Florida.  I have a couple of projects that I want done with a knife I don't want to ship or be without for very long.  Anybody want to take on something, or know someone who does?

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I would like a cordura wrapped Nomex suppressor cover. I know I can buy one but since I'm in no hurry, I figured I'd see if an LFer was interested in making one.  I would of course like the material to be MC.  The can is a SF 7.62 SS.  If interested, dialog me for the exact dimensions and we'll chat. Thanks!



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I need a pouch similar to a Maxpedition water bottle pouch , it needs to be larger to accommodate a large Stanley thermos which is appx 15 inches tall and appx 5 inches wide. The pouch needs to be foliage green with a zippered lid, webbing and molle attachments so I can attach it to my gearslinger . I am tired of my Stanley thermos taking up room inside my pack.

PM me if you are interested in this job.


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