I am looking for a couple small things .  1 is a small cordua pouch for the crap I caryy in my pocket every day. Maybe make  few copies.

I currently use an old brigade quartermaster notebook cover but it just a bit too small and doesnt have a zip pocket.

The other is a Kydex sheath / holder for my mitutoyo digital caliper so I stop getting stabbed and ripping my pants.

Does anyone here cut soft kevlar and seal it back up? I have two rectangular pieces of typical soft kevlar armor, i.e. the soft inserts behind side plates, and I would like them shortened lengthwise and then sealed up nicely. Thank you. 

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I wonder why people who buy the gun don't opt for firearms safety training. It may give them knowledge about their gun and how to use it effectively for self defense. Some training centers also teach you how to repair your gear on your own.



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I need some velcro sewn onto the elastic of my soft armor carrier.  Hook on the hook side and loop on the outside of the 4 elastic straps.  Not the full length of the elastic, only about 6 1/2 to 7" on each.  I'm getting overlap when I put it on.  Hit me up with a PM if you're interested in this simple task.

Request: 3- 4 small belt pouches, 2x 3 inches in size. 

My sewing machine had a critical failure before my PCS and I need some small custom pouches made. Does anyone know of any sew shops or folks in the Ft. Benning area that could handle my request? 

I am looking for someone to lower the rear plate pocket and reverse the side straps on a  Eagle Industries D.O.E Plate Carrier Vest.  Right now the rear plate pocket sits way to high and you have to cinch the side straps by pulling the webbing to the rear.  DOE PC

shoulder straps

more shoulder strapsside straps

Looking for someone to modify an Anorak/Pullover I have.  Basically, the sleeves are too short and want to switch elastic cuffs out for Velcro closures and add some bicep pockets and elbow reinforcements, etc. 

Please send a dialogue if this is something you think you can accomplish!


I would like to take an old Army sleeping bag, open the seams, remove the chopped staple fiberfill, and have it replaced, including the draft tube, with 6 Oz. weight Climashield. 

Any takers?

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If anyone would like to do this- Need a molle pouch for a Pelican 7070r light in black please. PM for specs.

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Need someone to stich together my parts and pieces for a couple of straps. Straps will be used on rescue tools.

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Hi.  First time, long time.  Looking for a maker with a sense of adventure.  A zest for life.  Actually, you just have to be able to sew.

I have a Trimble Nomad 900G inbound to use with Horus’ ATRAG ballistic software.  It is unfortunately BRIGHT yellow.  Now as many of you know, I can’t have some lemon colored piece of kit give my position away when I’m getting  all stealthy and shit out on the field.  I’m too important to be captured.

Anyway, Trimble makes cases......in yellow.  I really want one that enables me to carry, protect and use meaning it would have to have a plastic touchscreen area or at least a flap I can flip up.  Trimble makes one but it’s light gray.  Seriously Trimble.  What up?

Want molle attachment capability.  Strap would be lovely as well.  Shockingly, I have MC material available.

If you can help me out please let me know.  I prefer not to engage Chinese child labor but will if necessary.

Thank you and good night.



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Hello I am looking for a custom kydex magician who can make me a scabbard for a "machete". it is called the Kingfischer & the dimension are Overall Length: 31", Blade Length: 23 and 1/2", Steel: 1075 High Carbon, Thickness: 3.2mm distal tapered to 1.85mm, Weight: 1lb 12oz

The Kingfisher Machete -- PRE-ORDER

 please PM me ! Thanks!!!!
PS-cause I like, ok love sharp pointy things, I bought 3. 

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.45ACP, because sometimes short, fat and slow will do the job.

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B0B90AD2-B56D-4390-A6B8-A200F09C10257CF562F2-34F8-4E7C-905B-0B59805889F31645E3B1-5426-49CE-A841-8C3B387B2B373C1CEC23-7B18-44C6-96FC-EC9E2F6030C640A2C50F-997C-49E4-B949-D163ADD73BEA24080705-0601-4255-A6CC-C4C12199AED0Help!!! I need someone to modify a couple of admin pouches for me! Just got a new phone and will soon be issued a work phone of the same size, these phones are now a too tall to fit in my FS Admin pouch. I need someone to extend them by a few inches. I’ve got 2 of these pouches (one on my work PC and another on my backup PC). I’d like to send one to me modded and then once it’s back send the other one (I can’t be without the one I use for work). 

It’d be awesome if the extension could be Multicam but green or tan is fine if that’s all that’s available...

Please hit me up ASAP if you can do the job!

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I have a close friend of mine who is looking to make a carrier for his kid, who has a rare genetic heart defect. I am willing to throw my Mystery Ranch Crew Cab at the effort. His original thought was to modify an ILBE pack since his older son is a Marine. We don't have al the details worked out yet. I understand this isn't a typical project. His son's medical condition have been life changing for them, and hard financially, so I'm just trying to help them out. If anyone is interested in taking on the project, please PM me. Someone who is close to Central Indiana would be a bonus if possible and make it easier to work out the details

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Looking for a ~24" braided rope w/ monkey fist cord similar to

Needs easy method to connect to a hole.   Wife has an  heirloom bell that I'm installing at the house and need a new cord for.

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