While at the local range with my former fellow SWAT dudes this morning, whilst I was sweeping up brass, I ran across a handful of 5.56 rounds I am not familiar with.

It is a common 5.56 brass case, with visible annealing (military looking rather than a more polished civilian appearance).   They are all head stamped WMA 16 with a red sealant around the primer.  What caught my attention and therefore causing the befuddlement was the bullet- they are what appears to be 55/62 grain FMJ  but with a dark brown tip.  At first glance I thought they were black-tipped, much like the 30.06 AP rounds I have.  I am relatively certain they are not plastic "ballistic tips" like a VMax. The very end seems to be not quite as pointed as a  common 55/62 Gr FMJ round.

Any ideas? 

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Based on photos that i can pull from the internet it might be a Winchester Jacketed Frangible round. Still has a standard jacket profile, with the compressed metal tip looking like a dark brown. 16 would be the year made, but not sure if it makes a difference in this case.

WMA is the headstamp for the CASE for Winchester Military Ammunition

Doesn't mean who loaded the complete round.

I have factory Mk211 Raufoss rounds with a GREEK headstamp on the case!  I guess .50 brass was in short supply that year.

Brown tip probably means the frangible, but could also mean the 77gr OTM rounds (knock off or own rolled Mk 262 rounds)





Mk 262





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I pulled a bullet, which since it appeared very long, it was leading me to initially think they were the 77 grain Mk262 stuff.  Upon weighing the bullet, I was very surprised to find it weighed right at a mere 50 grains.  Way too light for being so long!

Now I am leaning towards the frangible stuff.

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