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Have an opportunity to purchase an essentially NIB SIMRAD for a great price.  I know I need that SIMRAP cap.  I would be using this with a S&B 5-25x56 in a Spuhr mount.  They make the cap as well.

This has a Gen 3 ITT OMNI IV tube.  I wanted to get a KAC PVS-30 but I really need a spotter instead to finish my bolt gun kit.  The KAC and the spotter are nearly the same price.  I was thinking if this was a comparable option to just have some fun with.   Thanks.

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SIMRADs aren't a bad system.  I like them OK.  They were the predecessor to the UNS (Universal Night Sight)(A/N PVS-22).

Pros:  Big lens to gather light.

Cons:  You're looking through a mirrored prism and it makes your rig top-heavy.

I used one to shoot a guy through a window.  Poked a clean .30-cal hole right through the glass -- it didn't even spider.

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Some pretty detailed discussion of them on snipershide, a few other fora. 

My impression of the discussions (why I didn't get one back when they were even cheaper) has been that they work great if you are a very fussy type. Alignment, etc. as mentioned so perfect fit and repeatability.

And, not so much an offhand/over-the-bag setup due to size and weight. If you are already a tripod type, much more suitable then. 

I'm on the Hide constantly to the tune of $40k over the past 5 years.  My understanding is that many of the BTDT types that used to frequent the place were driven off by younger, crayon eating , never beens.  Sound familiar?

There is some excellent discussion on the SIMRAD there which I have read.  My use would be exclusively from a stationary (tripod) position so I'm not worried about carrying it around.  It is actually not that heavy, it is the bulkiness because of the prism design.  Again, no big deal.

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