Is anyone familer with this company and body armor? Last post on them was a few years ago.

Just wondering as my old vest is up for replacement and they seem to have a pretty good product. Would like to have some more solid data on it other than what the company is promoting before purchasing.


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In terms of their armor performance, Angel Armor is listed on the NIJ Compliant Products List so I wouldn't be concerned about the stated performance.

Not sure how realistic the concept is to be snapping and unsnapping armor for varying threats but I see nothing wrong with it so long as the two halves do not separate/shift when hit and if the areas with the magnets provide the same ballistic protection as the rest of the plate.

If you don't see yourself using the modular feature, I'd probably just go with a standard special threat plate or a LW level 3/3+ as you can probably get lighter and thinner.

Aside from that, I don't have much else to add. I did hear they're part of a larger company based overseas... Blue Ocean Group? 



The base plates are scary light, and do stop rated threats, albeit with significant borderline acceptable backface deformation in some rifle rounds. Definitely not stand alone for rifle threats.

They did not have a special threat/M855 rated plate at the time I tested them, but I am happy to see they have an option now. It appears the base plate plus special threat plate combo adds up to about 7.5lb. (There are lighter and thinner options for similar protection.)

IME, the snap together is gimmicky, they do occasionally separate or shift when impacted.

I was a guest at a demonstration they hosted at the Orlando PD range.  I saw their snap together plates take at least 2 hits from 7.62x51 ball out of a HK91 without rear deformation or penetration. It seemed fairly well put together and thought out, but I don't confuse a demonstration with results of a thorough testing process.  The guys behind it are the same ones who manufacture the Otterbox.

I'm in the process of pricing out armor for my unit and I didn't hit them up, largely because I don't feel like being a beta tester.   I would be interested to see the results of it subjected to a thorough testing process.  

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