I am working with a CQB Solutions MOUT sling and would like to add some "bungee cord" like material between the QD sling swivel and the Quick Disconnect buckle.

Basically I'm trying to determine what the preferred "bungee" material would be, and how one goes about securing it.

Anyone done this themselves?

Any help is much appreciated.
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Thanks for the links / advice.

Ideally I'd like to do something with heavier bungee material and no original webbing/paracord remaining to restrict muzzle strikes.

Mainly I'm concerned about having 5"-6" of webbing "bunched" up in that area and getting in the way.

Thanks in advance for any other ideas anyone might have.

Go to your local climbing/outdoorsy store. Most places that sell climbing rope also sell bungee(shock) cord. I bought a bunch of approximately 1/4" diameter stuff for 60 cents a foot.

That doesnt sound like a bad idea, but just realize that if you aren't careful, your rifle dangling at the end of this bungee cord can bounch quite a bit and "wile e coyote" you right in the nuts.

I've never seen anyone get the webbing bunched up on the MOUT sling. I have seen several fastex buckles turn loose when they get bumped and dump the wearer's rifle in the dirt. I think a locking type fastex like they use in the newer nylon police duty rigs would be a good upgrade to this sling.
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