Are there any boots out there that are AR-670-1 compliant or even in the ballpark, i.e. coyote tan/tan 499, that are shaped more like a foot, a wider foot, than the more common narrower and rounded style? 

Both images show the shape of the sole/boot that I'm searching for on the right side. They show a much wider toe box and they don't require your toes to bunch/crunch up. 

Any suggestions are much appreciated!

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The Belleville mini-mil has a wide toe box and is compliant.  Of course, it's also a minimalist boot, which may not be what you're looking for.  They also make a "transitional" mini-mil model, I don't remember how the toe box is on that one.  Should be wide as it's meant to transition you from normal boots to minimalist ones.  If you could pull them off, the Altra lone peaks might work also.  There was a thread around here about them not too long ago.

That second picture causes me physical pain.  I don't understand why high drop, narrow toe box shoes still exist.

The Rocky S2V may be what you seek.  Nice wide toe box.  Good aggressive sole.   And in Tan.   

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Thanks Quadrail and Diz!

I will try on a pair of both as soon as I can, but the sole of the Mini-Mil looks the closest to what my super-wide feet need. I'm ambivalent on minimalist footwear, but beggars can't be choosey. 

"That second picture causes me physical pain.  I don't understand why high drop, narrow toe box shoes still exist."

The answer is "fashion." Sadly. I don't understand how plainclothes cops in business attire can run after bad guys in dress shoes. 



Look carefully at the S2Vs.  The S2V is a 'collection' of boots - you need to look within that group and figure out what works best for you.


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+1 for Rocky. Just got mine, felt a bit wide, but full sock and inserts I always wear fixed it. 

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First and foremost, +1 for S2Vs.  I've been wearing them for over 10 years and am a fan of their durability and comfort.   They look like they run warm, but they do not(for reference-I'm at Polk and work in the woods).  They will start to smell eventually though.  I use the Belleville C320s for garrison use-they also have my prescription orthotics in them as old age and >20 years on jump status/running around has made it so my big toes don't bend. 

3 common boots/shoes bottom view.  L-R:  10R Salomon XA Pro 3D, 10W Rocky S2V(RKC050), 10W Belleville C320



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+1 for Garmont T8 - I have wide feet and use Garmonts for garrison uniform boots. I also use Altra's for my running shoe. The Garmonts have been awesome - get them in wide and never look back.



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I use the Danner Rivot TFX and have used them for years.  Bought them at the PX in Kuwait when my T8s had a blow out at the heal and Garmont will not fix it for me.  I now use them to mow the lawn in.

I am now a Danner junkie on boots even though I did like the Garmonts the Rivots were better for my wide feet.

I'll throw in another +1 for the Garmont T8's.  Right color and don't look overly "commercial" so they shouldn't give the CSM a heart attack.  I've had a couple pairs going back to the tan ones with ACU's and still love them.  They do seem to have a wider toe box than other brands I've tried.  However, I will admit that I haven't screwed with other brands of combat boots in probably 4 years because these are perfect, for me.

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