I'm down for 1 Strobe Pouch in MC.


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Is there any way I can jump in on this as I am just now seeing this for the first time (Dammit!)

2 MC Strobe & 4 MC Smoke - puh-leeeeez.

I can pre-pay.





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Thanks for the replies, everyone. I just got back from a short trip to Fort Lewis (glad to be back in Texas after that cold and wet weather). I'll get everything compiled based on all the recent posts.

A question for everyone: with the number of requests growing, it looks like we could have enough for a dozen of a second color (besides MC) if enough people agreed on one. Coyote has the most requests after MC right now. Would any of you who asked for black, OD, etc. like to have Coyote as an alternative to MC?


I carry my strobes in EMDOM USA strobe pouches, but like everyone, I am always looking for better options for my equipment and gear.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to show me what the HSGI one does better.



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Sorry for the delay, everyone - I've been swamped at work since getting back from my trip.  It looks like there unfortunately just aren't enough requests for other colors, so the best bet would be to order all Multicam.  Here are the total numbers of requests by member, without considering color preference.  Please let me know if you would like to drop out due to the limitation of Multicam-only:

Strobe Pouch:

Crossed Pistols1
Jerry S1
X-Ray Dave2
TOTAL:33 (I will order 36)


Smoke Grenade Pouch:

Crossed Pistols1
TOTAL:20 (I will order 24)


I apologize if I may have missed anyone's request - let me know if there are any corrections.  This will definitely be a bit of an expensive order, but I don't want to ask anyone to send payment until I've confirmed the total with HSGI and figure out what shipping will be (probably a flat rate in an envelope).  Thanks again for your patience!


SpaceTaco - Done! That about maxes out the smoke grenade order.  We have one spot left before it hits 24, and I don't want to add another dozen to that.  I'll post an announcement when the reservations are cut off (if we reach that point). I'm going to send the request off to HSGI at the end of the day to get their quote and start this moving.


Lobster, no problem, I've got you down for the last smoke pouch.  I submitted the order request to HSGI - it usually takes a few days for them to respond, so I expect I'll hear back from them shortly with the total cost for the order.  I'll update you all when I hear from them.


Hey everybody,

I placed the order today for 36 stobe light pouches and 24 smoke grenade pouches, all Multicam.  They said it will take 2-5 weeks to produce.  They're experiencing a high volume of orders right now (I feel like everyone I order from always says that), so they're going to let me know if it's delayed any longer than that.

The good news is that when they sent me the invoice, the price per strobe pouch was $9, and the smoke pouches $18.  The cost of shipping from HSGI to me ($15) will add $0.25 each, which was cheaper than I was expecting as well.  Please give me some time to figure out the best way to ship them to all of you - probably a flat rate envelope if that's ok with everyone.  I'll figure that out and let you all know the total cost.  I'm not in a huge rush to take payments, but I'll try to figure it out before my next credit card bill to offset that $771 order!

Thanks for your patience!



I have too much PP money now so before the wife finds out, tell me how much the total is (I do not trust my math these days) and I can get you money right away. 

Note you can actually invoice people in PP, so if that's easier to tell if all have been paid, maybe do something like have everyone PM you with their real address and email. 

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Missed it.  Thankfully, I can just take one of malpaso's.  He's very generous and likes being able to travel back and forth for work  from MA to CT and back to make a living.  For now. 

Look forward to the strobe pouch buddy!



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I know I'm late as hell, but if there is an extra strobe pouch, I'll take it.


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no_avatar posted:

I know I'm late as hell, but if there is an extra strobe pouch, I'll take it.

I would have, but see Consig's post above.


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I was surprised to get the shipping notification from HSGI yesterday afternoon, only 4 days after I placed the order.  It may have been going a little too smoothly though, because I noticed that the invoice actually lists the item number for their double smoke pouch (which I didn't even know they made).  I'm hoping it's just a typo on the invoice, because their double pouch listed for $30 originally (vs. $20 for the single), so $18 seems like it would be too cheap for the double.  I sent them a note immediately and will call them on Monday (missed them due to the time difference yesterday).  I went back to confirm, and I did send them the link / photo for their single pouch, which they confirmed they could produce, so I'm not sure how they mixed that up. I don't have any use for the double pouch - that will just take up too much space on my kit or bag.

No_Avatar, I'll keep you in mind when I send out all the orders and will see if there's an extra.

Have a good weekend, everybody,


They're going to produce the 24 single smoke grenade pouches and send them to me with a return shipping label for the double pouches. Hopefully they'll produce the singles as quickly as they did the doubles. I'll let you all know when they arrive. At least I'll be able to get the strobe pouches out to folks who didn't request the smokes.


Ok, everyone, the pouches are all finally here (both the incorrect double smoke pouches, which are actually pretty nice, and the correct single pouches). I'm in and out of the field this week for gunnery, so I probably won't get to working on packaging them up until this weekend. I'm an amateur at this, so I need to go buy some heavy mailing envelopes and then calculate postage.

The pouches look great, but I'm not sure anyone will be impressed by HSGI's version of the MALICE clip. But hey, they were included... Their customer service was great about correcting the issue with producing the wrong smoke pouches, and the prices were all slightly cheaper than the original retail price. These are really nice quality pouches. Can't understand why they discontinued them.

Please email me with your shipping address, your LF user ID, and preferred method of payment (PayPal or money order, preferably), and I'll work up a total and send it back to you. I have the list, but if you could include the type and number of pouches you are expecting, that will help me keep everything organized in one email. My email is 3acr dot scout at Gmail (hopefully that's not too cryptic). Thanks!


I just got back in from gunnery tonight. I've replied back to about half of you to confirm receipt of your shipping address, and I'll respond to the rest of you tomorrow. I also plan to head to the post office and pick up some flat rate boxes or envelopes. Looks like those will be the best way to send these, since the pouches can fit into small flat packages. I'll be in touch with everyone soon.


Email sent. Although I signed up for 2 strobes and 1 smoke, I am willing to give up one of the strobes if someone missed out. Up to 3ACR_Scout though, I also included this in the email I sent. 





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I stopped by the post office and picked up a stack of small flat rate Priority Mail boxes, which will ship for $7.15.  I know that adds quite a bit to the cost of a single pouch, but it will make my life a heck of a lot easier and allow me to get them out to all of you much faster. It will also protect the pouches better; I looked at flat rate envelopes, but they save about $.50 and look like they might split open from handling if the pouches are stuffed in them.

I'll do Click-N-Ship online mailing labels for each of you so you'll get tracking notifications. I'll send out the total to each of you individually. Once I receive the payment, I'll generate the shipping label so you know it's en route.


Lobsterclaw, I dropped one strobe pouch from your order, and No_Avatar, I've put you down for one. I think I may still have one strobe pouch available, but I'll confirm my numbers after I get everyone's totals sent out.

By the way, I can confirm that a bear fits in the smoke pouch!


Standing by….


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Hey folks, I think I've sent an email or PM back to everyone who's contacted me off list so far, but I haven't received a message (with shipping information) yet from the following members:

Gunner, Crossed Pistols, Bigfoot1786, SPACETACO, IANQ, and Baraccuda 6

If you emailed me and didn't hear back, please let me know.  Thanks!


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