The BFG one is very clever. Built well and they handle government agency purchasing just fine (or go through a dealer of their products, we have a few here). Just a bandolier, but you CAN secure as shown if you have a moment, which is nice.

A google keyword you are looking for if you want a cheaper, more generic one, is "M4 Bandolier." Lots out there. But a lot are of iffy quality or sourcing. Or are weird. Or cost a lot. 

If it's just for resupply in an AS or other situation where admin can live with any old color, I'd put your mind to getting actual surplus. Hell if I can find the proper nomenclature, but it looks like this:

And you see even at retail repacked it's cheap.

May be able to get a triwall of 1,268 of them from 1033 if you participate in that, for little or no cost depending on your state admin. 

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Also for small lots, see John at UWGear.  He makes an excellent bandolier with the tuck tabs I prefer.  

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Like SHOOBE01 said...

If you're in the 1033/LESO program, they're not hard to find.

NSNs below.


Bandolier only -

acu molle M4/M16 6 magazine bandoleer w/shoulder strap 8465-01-524-73098.51 ui ea pouch has button snap flaps, can be added to any molle system or carried by the shoulder strap 


We got ours as part of the whole Rifleman's Kit  (we snagged 100 from Red River) -

acu rifleman set8465-01-525-0578224.18 ui set, has fighting load carrier, assault pack, waist pack e-tool carrier, mag pouches and hydration system 




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