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jave-mtr posted:

You may know this: I just checked the Arcteryx LEAF website and the Khard 30 is only listed in Multicam. Crocodile and Wolf will no longer be produced? Thanks for the help!

According to Arc'teryx Production dates, the Crocodile and Wolf colors are still going to be produced. The only thing I would say is that the Crocodile color quantities will not be as high as the Multicam and Wolf colors. Please let me know if you need more info on this!

Erick posted:

Did olive drab / ranger green / a green color make it into their product line as was discussed at SHOT last year? 

Erick- yes! Ranger green is all over LEAF this year. Here's a list:

XFunctional Pant AR, Atom LT Jacket, Assault Shirt AR, Assault Pant AR, Assault Coverall AR, Recce Shirt AR, EPF Long Sleeve tee, RW2 Short Sleeve tee.

The XFunctional Pant in Ranger Green looks especially awesome, in my opinion.

Tropleo posted:

The XFunctional Pant in Ranger Green looks especially awesome, in my opinion.

These are on my to buy list.  Do you have the new Leaf stuff on the shelf in NJ?   Last I was there it was just prior to Gina leaving if I recall.  Would love to stop by again and touch everything and not hang it up/fold it correctly  

Tropleo. I just laughed so hard.

Call us up and make an appointment, we're happy to show you the new gear!  973.310.3650

(p.s. Our warehouse guy Alex gives complimentary/mandatory folding lessons )

Armyscoutman25 posted:

Is the full Zip Naga running the same sizes as the old style Naga? I had to get it two sizes up to get it to be loose like I like it.

Armyscout: so sorry for the late response, but I wanted to do some research before I got back to you.

Big Steve tried on both the Naga Gen 2 and the Full Zip (pics are below, he is 6' 215lbs, 50" chest), and here is what he said:

"I found the two Naga's to feel pretty similar, with two small exceptions:

  • When both are zipped all the way, the full zip is slightly looser around the neck.
  • The regular hoody (not the full zip) seems to have a bit longer sleeves (probably for the monkeypaws).
so I did not find the Naga Full Zip more snug."
Please let me know if you need any additional information!

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