Arctic1's big winter gear thread

Just bumping this thread to the top, a fellow lightfighter is doing some Arctic ops and needs some info. 

Any other info to add would be appreciated 


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I see some discussion on gloves and equipment coverings which can definitely produce issues with cold or slippery items and have found that using ‘splicing’ tape which is basically fancy electrical tape has been great this year for grips on axes as well as hiking poles and shovels. On my rifle it’s an aiaw with the plastic sides so I don’t use it for grip but do wrap the cheek piece however so it’s not so cold, but maybe I’m just overly sensitive  


I used 3m scotchtape 2228 and it’s awesomely tacky and a little shock absorbent and sticks on great to both aluminum and plastic. The good thing is it works with leather palms as well as wool/fibre gloves both wet and dry and avoids the skin-freezing-to-metal issue

Tape is good, but keep in mind that at some temps the adhesives fail, which is sad and disappointing.  You also run into elasticity issues with shock cord in things like tent poles (put in your parka to warm up a bit before setting up shelter).

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