I use this pouch. You can keep it out of the way when not in use and close the pouch up to hold things inside if required.

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That we evolved a "dump pouch" is a beautiful thing for those of us who remember the complete lack of any pouches  for anything other than your mags, canteens, and battle dressing.

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Longeye posted:

I use an EAG dump pouch on the range and for call-out.

I like that doesn't affect running like thigh pockets can.

It has been used for all kinds of things: spare pistol, rifle and shotgun rounds on the range, extra CS grenades on entry, candy bars and water bottles, ear pro, range drill binders, etc.

A good dump pouch is still relevant, and the EAG is the best of the genre. I hope Brian gets these back in circulation again. I want black and Ranger Green this time.

Not to go off topic but is this version much more diffeent than others out there? I know its gotta be better cuz Pat (RIP) but dont know how.

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