When I do mods I use a set of top pockets off of an old uniform (I don't like the big bottom pockets as well). Lay the pocket flat on top of the elbow re-enforcement seam while aligning the two corners facing forward (as if you were wearing it). Keeping the two front corners touching lift the back corner of the pocket upward until you get a 1.5" to a 2" gap between the elbow re-enforcement seam and the pocket. This should give you about a 45 degree angle. Like mark92a said "its whatever is comfortable to you". My suggestion is to "Kit Up" and reach around to your shoulder to find out what you would like. Have a buddy help mark it.

thanks, thats a good idea Ryan. now i have a new problem, i cant finde my sewing stuff and where do you find od and tan thread on Xmas when every thing is closed mad oh well i think ill wait tell anouther day, and just have a bachelor christmas at the Chinese resteraunt ala a christmas story. big grin
Originally posted by TacMedic:
When I was lookin at different Mods, someone emailed me this. Not sure if it is a design a company is looking into or what.

I think these are the ones they're selling on specwargear.com

"Securisis Per Concordis"

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