Hi all. Since this is a very new product I didn't bother doing a search. We just received ours this week and I have worn it for 2 shifts so far. It's pretty early but so far I am very happy with this carrier. To be clear, this is our first "real" carrier for our department. The previous model was your generic  Brinks type black nylon shell, strictly to hold soft armor panels and that's it, zero features other than a radio tab....woopee. I'm curious to hear from other users and to hear feedback. 

Pros : Shoulders are nicely padded and adjustable, 

              Flexible cummberbund is a nice touch

              Inner mesh and air channels seem to work nice in the heat

             Well contoured design, especially around the shoulders, chest and neck

             Tried out a set of LVL III composite plates from Hesco, very comfortable considering all that weight. 


Cons : I don't like the bottom hidden pocket. Having gear secured to that section of PALS webbing is  annoying if you have to constantly get at stuff ( ie; I wouldn't use it as as admin pouch)

              The cummerbund upgrades are expensive, at least in my opinion. 






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My department was looking to go to these as well, my LT wasnt happy with the Mayflower LPAAC that I orginally selected and was approved.  We were told that we have to buy new armor to fit these carriers.  Was that the case with your department.  Thanks

No. We just decided to go in a professional direction in terms of a new carrier. Our first vests were of the nylon shell type, very basic and cheap. Think Brinks truck guard type. Why was the Mayflower turned down? 




God doesn't believe in athiests

I hope it's better than the AE XT 2.0 I have collecting dust beside my filing cabinet right now.  I wore it a handful of times to give it a chance but I just couldn't co-sign on the cheapness of it. 

A couple of modifications and it wouldn't be awful but as is, nah.   

I hope your gear is better than this.   

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The real test of a carrier is to throw it in the washing machine on "heavy duty" "extended cycle" "extra rinse". Something about the slosh action really tests stitching. If it is good gear it will pass with flying colors- If not, you probably should not be on the street with it.

I have killed a lot of Blackhawk nylon with a washing machine.

I bought the roll of duct tape I used to keep one side together before a hunting trip in 2016 so around 2 years I guess.  

I had a couple paragraphs on what was wrong with ours but it’s not the same model so apples and green apples I guess.  

I can prop it up for a pillow on the floor beside my desk for a short nap of a late night so it’s still serving.  😁

Dusty black coat and a red right hand.

Erick posted:

Hopefully you'll have success with it. Every time I read ArmorExpress, I hear Second Chance, and think of all the crap they pulled. 

I tried like hell to get my dept to NOT go with AE when I was field testing it because of the Second Chance crap. The regional rep called my personal cell while I was OFF DUTY and started chewing my ass about it. 

That's why I paid a little extra for my Point Blank vest...


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Agreed on the above 2 posts...fuck AE!

When I set up my agency's last armor purchase (pre Point Blank Alpha Elite) we invited US Armor and KDH.  I was forced to include Armor Express after chief saw their booth at a chief's conference where they had a video of a guy doing parkour in one of their vests and a bunch of flashy marketing shit.  He bit on that hard.  Luckily, he was the only person to buy the crap they were peddling. 

The fact that this is the same company as the old Second Chance that put profits before lives is simply icing on the cake for me.

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ADK posted:

No. We just decided to go in a professional direction in terms of a new carrier. Our first vests were of the nylon shell type, very basic and cheap. Think Brinks truck guard type. Why was the Mayflower turned down? 

It was approved for wear, my LT just doesn’t like them and now wants to look at the H3.  Don’t know the reason other than probably because it wasn’t his idea.  Officers will still be able to wear the mayflower unless the department buys us the new vests.  

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