IIRC, making armor is not an easy task. It requieres a technology not available to all because of cost. So there are just a few true armor manufaturers, and a lot of resellers. Am I right? In that case, how do you know which is a manufacturer and which a reseller? Because I guess that question could explain different price and performance.

Is there any list of armor manufacturers and resellers with their products and features? That would be interesting information to compare armor.

By the way, what about the Norwegian NFM Group, are they armor manufacturers or just resellers? how their armor compares to others? Asking just because here is an easy choice due to being European  (import from USA is difficult and expensive).

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In the US we have the NIJ CPL, you can use that list to find which models are sold by what company. Typically re sellers don't have every model of plate made by a given MFG and you can work backwards to find the OEM. I have experience with products made by Mehler vario systems of Germany and Cooneen in the UK. I have found products from both of those companies to be quality.

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