Balisong or butterfly knives became legal for civilians to carry in Texas and I have been curious about them.  I’ve trained in the Filipino martial arts for several years, but never received any instruction in the manipulation of this style of knife.

A search or LF yielded scattered references to them.  It is obvious that some board members are carrying them for serious use, but not much information beyond that.

I am just a regular old civilian, but would like to hear some qualified opinions on this style of knife.

Pros and cons?

Best brands of knives and trainers?

Are there any good sources of training and/or reference materials you would recommend?

Thank you for your input.


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Since I used to carry one as a kid (which would have dropped me into a world of shit had I been caught), I'm very interested in following this discussion for nostalgia. 

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Carried one daily in 7th -8th grade thru highschool.

aI've since adopted simpler-easier to deploy and maintain control of blades.

One thing I would look out for is even though butterfly knives may be legal, you may drift off into a different realm of trouble is it has even slightly more than a false edge on one side and get charged for possession of a double edge blade - or dagger.

I don't know Texas law, but in many other States they don't care that much about the opening mechanism of the butterfly knife, they will care about double edge and blade length though.

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Really good video of what's going on in the Balisong world right now.  They even have some old throwbacks for comparison.  You can go as cheap or as expensive as you want with them.

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I have one of the BBBarfly bottle openers. It handles like a real balisong, and is a good "practice dummy" to get back up to speed. 

I wouldn't carry a balisong for practical use (the mechanism is strong, but manipulation is more complicated than a fixed blade or a folder with thumb-stud, thumb-hole, or assisted opening; wouldn't want to have to do it in the rain, with cold hands, etc), but they're fun to play with. 

IMHO, Benchmade is the knife to beat, but they're up in the several-hundred-dollar range, and I can't justify the expense for something I'd just play around with. 

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